Community Heritage Commission


January 13, 1999 – 4:30 P.M., Committee Room No. 2, City hall




Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Chair
Councillor Casey Cook
Councillor Charmaine Murray
Marlene Blair
Calvin Donnelly
Eric Langstroth
Ross Morris
Roger Nottingham
Derrick Thornhill
Dorothy Williams



Ron Clancy City Librarian


Archie Miller City Curator


Leslie Gilbert
Doreen Pysar



New Business

1. New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society Responding to the Heritage Revitalization Agreement  - E. Langstroth
2. Heritage Week Inclusion - M. Blair



Adoption Of Minutes

1. December 02, 1998

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held December 02, 1998 be adopted as circulated.

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED THAT the Minutes of the In-Camera Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held December 02, 1998 be adopted as circulated.


Unfinished Business

1. Proposed Salvage Program for Heritage Buildings (Draft for Discussion)

The Planner reviewed her draft report on a proposed program to salvage heritage buildings and/or building materials and fixtures from heritage buildings for community reuse.

The three elements of the program are:  (1) that application fees to demolish heritage buildings be increased from $1,000 to $2,000 to offset administrative costs; (2) that staff work with owners of heritage buildings to relocate houses to appropriate alternative locations in the City and the owner be requested to contribute the amount spent on demolition to the relocation of the building; and (3) that if heritage buildings cannot be relocated, the materials/fixtures be made available to the community for salvage.

There was discussion on the program and comments included setting up a system including the inclusion with local antique/salvage dealers, selling by the Commission/Society, and the sharing of proceeds.  Information was reviewed on the Vancouver/Burnaby Salvage Program.

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT Lauren Prentiss, member of the Vancouver and Burnaby Community Heritage Commissions and President of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, be invited to meet with the Commission to inform of their salvage program and its progress.

2. Street Naming for Terry Hughes Site

At the December 2, 1998 meeting, members recommended that the name Rudy Wylie be used to name the cul de sac on the Terry Hughes site.  They further recommended that Park Crescent be continued through Colborne Street and the name changed to Smokey Smith Way.

Correspondence from the Engineering Department was circulated at the meeting advising that, after extensive investigation, the task would be problematic to make the address change from Park Crescent to Smokey Smith Way.  The residents and 16 agencies would have to be contacted.  The only alternative would be for the City to receive a petition from the residents.

The options were discussed and comments included the cul de sac be named Smokey Smith Way rather than Park Crescent and that Park Crescent remain the same.  It was mentioned that Rudy Wiley, former teacher/principal, might be ill-advised as  there was other staff employed and involved in the community just as much.

            MOVED, SECONDED this Committee recommends:


THAT the cul de sac at the Terry Hughes site be named Smokey Smith Way.  MOTION WITHDRAWN.

Councillor Cook mentioned that this was an opportunity for the City to honour people who have given to the community, and if not pursued would be a missed opportunity.


            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the decision to rename Park Crescent be forwarded to Council requesting that the Engineering Department be directed to further pursue the possibility of renaming Park Crescent in the appropriate timeframe to satisfy the development; and if this cannot be further pursued, the cul de sac should then be named Smokey Smith Way.

3. Convening of the Building Sub-Committee to Inspect 419 - 423 - 8th Street

At the December 2nd meeting, a building sub-committee was formed including Councillor Charmaine Murray, Roger Nottingham, Ross Morris, Eric Langstroth and Marlene Blair to inspect the two houses at 419 and 423 – 8th Street for their heritage merits.  The buildings are scheduled to be demolished for a proposed 17 units stacked townhome development.

Roger Nottingham will contact the committee and the owner of 419 – 423 – 8th Street for inspection of the premises.


Notes on the Heritage Planners & Professionals Round Table Discussion on Heritage Revitalization Agreements by Planner

  Leslie Gilbert reviewed her notes as included in the agenda package on issues of relevance to New Westminster coming out of the Heritage Planners & Professionals Round Table Annual Meeting held December 4th
5. Motions of the New Westminster Preservation Society Responding to the Heritage Revitalization Agreement

Eric Langstroth presented seven motions as a followup from the Preservation Society responding to the draft Revitalization Agreement guidelines.  The Preservation Society has requested that the items be considered in the report, put forward in the form of a motion and adopted or included in the Heritage Revitalization Agreement.

There was a Notice of Motion that the seven items as attached be put forward at the next Community Heritage Commission meeting and that staff present its comments.

New Business


Schedule of 1999 Community Heritage Commission meeting dates


The list of 1999 meeting dates was reviewed.  The September 1st meeting was changed to September 8th; and the June 2nd meeting was removed and left to the call of the chair.

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the schedule of 1999 Meeting dates for the Community Heritage Commission be accepted as revised. 

An updated Meeting date list will be forwarded to the members.

2. Updated Community Heritage Commission 1999 Membership List
  The 1999 Community Heritage Commission members list was reviewed and changes were noted.  An updated list will be forwarded to the members.
3. Designation of 305 Carnarvon Street as Municipal Heritage Site

An application to designate 305 Carnarvon Street as a Municipal Heritage Site has been received by the City.  This house is a 1893 Victoria house designed by noted architect Samuel Maclure.

A sub-committee including Marlene Blair, Eric Langstroth, Derrick Thornhill, Dorothy Williams and Ross Morris will view the 305 Carnarvon Street site (to be arranged by the staff planner).  A report will be presented at the February meeting.

4. Planning for Heritage Week - February 15 - 21/99

The Planner outlined the program and duties for Heritage Week.

Following discussion, it was agreed that (1) the Heritage Week program was a worthwhile project to continue, but that it could be scaled down; the coloring contest would include all elementary students (K – Grade 3); and the painting/drawing on a heritage theme would include Grades 4 – 7; the number of gifts received could be reduced as some participants were receiving more than one prize as there was extras to distribute.

The chair requested each member to assume a task.

·         Marlene Blair offered to do streetscape for colouring;

·         Marlene Blair/Councillor Murray/Rodger Nottingham/Calvin Donnelly offered to judge the prizes (which should  be more child-appropriate);

·         Marlene Blair will approach Cottage Bakery for cookies for after the presentation;

·         Letters will be sent soliciting prizes and it was suggested that each member assume approximately 10 businesses to contact;

The chair invited Councillors Cook and Murray to assist in handing out the prizes;

The presentation of the awards will be at the February 22 Council Meeting )Note: as this may conflict with a Public Hearing Scheduled on that evening, staff will review).

5. Programs Offered with Economic of Heritage Conservation
  Leslie Gilbert will attend the workshop on the Economics of Heritage Conservation as well as industrial Heritage during Heritage Week and will take notes.  A list of related courses was distributed and anyone that is interested should contact Leslie Gilbert (527-4513), (a request will be made to Council for reimbursement).


1. Heritage Society of BC Homepage
2. Notes by Don Luxton, Foundation Group, from his presentation to Heritage Planners Meeting Dec. 4/98
3. Letter to Christine and David Dewar including minutes of their presentation on exterior alterations to 501 St. George St.
4. Letter to the Development Assistance Compensation Committee re suggestions for the use of Casino Revenues
5. Letters re proposed exterior alterations to 414 First Street
6. New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter No. 223, December 1998
7. Christmas at Irving House Entertainment Schedule
8. Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada Membership
9. Conservation Report for the Historic Ewen Barn
10. Article from True West by John Mackie on Rescuing B.C.’s Heritage Buildings
11. Extract from Architecture, Planning and Land Use on Urban Issues
12. Extract from Transit Exchange on Transit Flash from the Past
13. Extract from Journal of Commerce on Heritage Conservation Effort to be Honored in Vancouver

MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

           THAT the correspondence be received.


414 - First Street

Members complimented M. Pynenburg’s letter to Mrs. Wright.  The Chair suggested that each response letter sent out should preface a description of the purpose of the Heritage Commission.



Leslie Gilbert reminded members of the various information obtained on the Web site.  Ron Clancy also reminded that there were courses offered through the Library.


Other Business


The Chairman requested input on the length of time allotted for presentations by delegates.  The Planner advised that applicants are advised that usually five minutes is allotted for presentation and approximately five minutes for questions.

The Chairman will clarify the time allotment with each delegate at the beginning of  the presentation and monitor more closely.

Next Meeting

1. Wednesday, February 3rd, 1999 at 4:30 p.m. in Committee Room No. 2 at City Hall.  


  ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.


Certified Correct,





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