MARCH 3, 1999  -   4:30 P.M.



PRESENT:   Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Chair

                        Councillor Charmaine Murray

                        Councillor Casey Cook       

                        Marlene Blair

                        Calvin Donnelly

                        Ross Morris

                        Roger Nottingham

                        Derrick Thornhill

ADVISOR:    Ron Clancy                -           City Librarian

STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert             -           Planner

                        Doreen Pysar            -           Secretary                  

REGRETS:   Archie Miller               -           City Curator




1.      Regular Meeting of February 13th, 1999

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held February 13th, 1999 be adopted as circulated.

2.      Amendment to Minutes of Meeting of December 2, 1998

Item 5 – Recognition of Residents who have undertaken Improvements to their Homes

The wording has been revised to provide greater clarity which was presented to Council as recommendations.  (Circulated and attached).

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held December 02, 1998 be amended as circulated.




1.      Review of Heritage Week Activities – verbal report by the Planner

Leslie Gilbert reported that the Heritage Week Awards presentation was at the March 1st Council Meeting.  Awards were presented by Councillors Dobrovolny, Cook and Murray.  There were 714 entries in the Coloring Contest, 52 in the Design Contest and the Poetry had 22 entries.  There was a total of 62 sponsors.  The City received $2,350.00 in cash prizes; $1,606.00 in gift certificates for a total of several thousand including the merchandize prizes.

Appreciation was extended to Marlene Blair for her assistance in the judging and helping during the Awards Ceremony.

Commission members extended their appreciation to staff and commented that it was a successful event.

Ron Clancy offered to catalogue the poetry received from the participants from the Heritage Week Awards at the Library.

2.      Designation of 305 Carnarvon Street as a Municipal Heritage Site

 A request has been made by the owner, Joan Mercer of 305 Carnarvon Street, for municipal heritage designation of the 1887 built Samuel McClure residence.  Evaluation for designation and supporting information was circulated.  This designation would be qualified for funding through the New Westminster Heritage Foundation. 

There was concern that if designation was not granted and a grant not obtained, the residence may not continue to be maintained.

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED the Commission recommends: 

THAT designation of 305 Carnarvon Street as a Municipal Heritage Site be submitted to Council  requesting approval.

A report will be presented to Council shortly requesting the designation of 305 Carnarvon Street as a Municipal Heritage Site.


1.                  Street Naming for Thompsons Landing

A request for has been received to name two new municipal streets in the Thompson’s Landing development in Queensborough. Suggested names of streets for the Queensborough area are on file. Information was circulated outlining the terms of reference and procedure for street naming. 

A sub-committee including Marlene Blair, Ross Morris, Roger Nottingham will review possible names for the two new streets in the Thompson’s Landing location and report back to the April Community Heritage Commission  meeting.

Councillor Cook cautioned the sub-committee to adhere to the approved criteria and not to just consider selecting on an ethnic names' basis.  Suggested names included Joe Francis and Ray Mercer, both former Councillors, as well as Joe Wiley, former high school principal.

2.                  Heritage Alteration Permit for 405 St. George Street (For Information)

An application for a Heritage Alteration Permit at 405 St. George Street has been received and approved by Council. Council referred the report to the Community Heritage Commission for information.  Items that were part of the alteration permit include: 

-        Addition of two 4 ft by 4 ft. skylights to be located on the west side of   the building and behind a gable, so that they will not be visible from the front of the building.

-        Addition of a number of windows on the south, west and east elevations of the building to afford light into the basement area. 

-        Relocation of the proposed building 14 ft. closer to the front property line, changing the front yard setback from 53 ft. to 39 ft.  This would allow more room at the rear property for private open space and would be with the same setbacks of other houses on St. George Street.

-        Relocation of the garage from the east to the west property line, allowing retention of several trees on the property and allowing greater privacy between neighbours.

-        Relocation of the basement entry from the northeast corner of the building to the southwest corner, improving safety and visibility.  This entry will be linked with the front entry on the main floor and not noticeable from the street.

-        Construction of a new garage, utilizing the existing garage for storage during construction and then will be dismantled.

3.      B.C. Mill House at the Quay:  Proposed Uses

There was discussion on the future of the Mill House Visitor Information Centre since the construction of the Fraser River Discovery Center was planned for that area.  The facility is approximately 850 sq. ft. and in good shape.    The building has to be  relocated as of April 15th.

The Chamber of Commerce has suggested some options and requested feedback from the Commission since it has considerable heritage merit.

The members of the Commission agreed that the Mill House should remain in the City and kept for public use, rather than releasing it privately as there is outside interest. 

It was suggested to determine the present function.

Some suggestions included that it remain at the Quay location, used in the Parks program; (i.e., Parks Office by Century House, the Children’s Zoo in Queen’s Park, a Children’s Day Care.

A report will be presented for the March 8th Council meeting.

      MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED the Commission recommends: 

THAT a Task Force be established consisting of Roger Nottingham, Calvin Donnelly, Marlene Blair, Derrick Thornhill to immediately review options to determine the future of the Mill House and to also liaise with the Parks, Planning, Engineering, Electrical Departments and Community groups including the Preservation Society to obtain their input.


1.      Letter from the Chair to Mr. Jim Hutson, re: Article on HRAs in The Preservationist

2.      Letter from the chair to Mr. and Mrs. Jang re:  Galbraith House Heritage Revitalization Agreement, Phase 2

3.      Letter from the Chair to Mr. Mark Wittig re: RS-6 Rezoning of 1016 7th Avenue

4.      Letter from the Planner to Mr. and Mrs. Berger re: 121 3rd Avenue alterations

5.      Heritage Theatre Trust bulletin, re: 1912 Lougheed Building

6.      Information Bulletin on Surrey’s Built Heritage video

7.      New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, February 1999

8.      Robin Ward article “Heritage awards mean more than before” in Vancouver Sun

9.      John Mackie article “Hotel Fire throws light on battle to save heritage buildings”

10.  Heritage House Tour in Duncan, B.C.


1.      The Chairman noted that he had attended the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society AGM.  Discussion focused on funding that is granted  through the Heritage Foundation requires  heritage designation.   He was concerned that the Commission may be going in a different direction than Council on the matter of municipal heritage design.

Leslie Gilbert  will provide further information for discussion at the April Community Heritage Commission Meeting.

2.      Councillor Murray reported on the Forum on “The Economics of Conservation”  on February 26th attended by herself, Leslie Gilbert and Stephen Scheving.  (Notes of a Presentation on the Economics of Heritage Conservation will be included with the April package.)


Wednesday, April 7th, 1999 – Committee Room #2


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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