APRIL 7, 1999  -   4:30 P.M.





Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Chair
Councillor Charmaine Murray
Councillor Casey Cook
Marlene Blair
Calvin Donnelly
Steve Norman
Roger Nottingham
Dorothy Williams





Ron Clancy                -           City Librarian

Leslie Gilbert             -           Planner
Doreen Pysar            -           Secretary
Ross Morris

Derrick Thornhill
Archie Miller               -           City Curator



1.      Mr. Terry Grant, re: Exterior Alterations to 336 Fifth Street

Terry Grant presented plans and a site plan for the proposed house addition and erection of a duplicate garage for his 1938 Colonial Revival Style at 336 Fifth Street.  No variance would be required.  Site and building information was reviewed as circulated.

Additions would be off the rear of the house to include additional space off the kitchen for a sitting area; a laundry room; the existing sunroom will be copied to extend around the back of the house; existing stairs will be moved for a new entry; porch will be covered; windows will reflect true light.  The existing garage will remain and another identical garage will be built with the same character. The colors will remain the same off-white.

The planner was asked to verify that no variance is required to build the second garage.

2.      Mr. Mark Hiatt, re:  Proposed Rezoning application (RS-1 to RS-6) for 513 St. George Street

Mark and Mary Ann Hiatt of 513 St. George presented a proposal to apply for a RS-6 zoning to relocate the residence at 423 Eighth Street to their 513 St. George Street site.

Information will be obtained regarding the lot size, the surrounding neighbourhood lots and the location of the placement of the house that is being moved from 423 Eighth Street. 

The dwelling is not available to be relocated until construction is ready to commence at 423 Eighth Street.


New Business

6.      Heritage Commission Representative on Heritage Foundation

7.      207 Agnes Street – for information

8.      415 St. George Street (duplex)


1.      Regular Meeting of March 3rd, 1999

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held March 3rd, 1999 be adopted as circulated.


1.      Update on the relocation of the New Westminster Tourist Centre (B.C. Mill House), verbal report by Planner

A Task Group consisting of Ross Morris, Marlene Blair, Derrick Thornhill, Calvin Donnelly and Roger Nottingham reviewed the future of the Mill House Visitor Information Centre.  Their preference was to retain the building for current use and to move it a few parking spots from its present location as close as possible on the waterfront, and to relocate to its present original site in the future.  Larco is considering leasing space for the relocation of the Mill House.  The Mill House will have to be moved from its present site by April 15th

2.      Heritage Posters, verbal update by Planner

Leslie Gilbert distributed the Heritage Posters to each member.  2,000 copies were printed which were funded through sponsorship by Ramsay Worden Architects, Bosa Development Corporation, Royal City Re/max, Heritage Trust and Brer Rabbit for a total cost of $1,750.00. 

There was discussion on the dispersing of these posters.  It was agreed that each poster be sold for $2.00 and that the proceeds be reinvested for the subsequent Heritage posters that are printed.


1.      Demolition of 1009 Queen’s Avenue

The Commission reviewed the report presented to Council regarding the request to demolish the heritage designated building at 1009 Queens Avenue.  The policy respecting the processing of demolition applications was proposed to be waived to expedite the issuance of the permit to meet health and safety concerns.

City Council considered the demolition of the dwelling at 1009 Queens Avenue on March 22, 1999 and referred it to the Commission for review and comment.

A Task Force was formed consisting of Marlene Blair, Roger Nottingham, Dorothy Williams, Calvin Donnelly and Councillor Charmaine Murray to review the dwelling at 1009 Queens Avenue to determine if there is any heritage items to be salvaged.

2.      419/423 Eighth Street Heritage Evaluation – for discussion

This item is cross referenced to the 513 St. George Street delegation requesting that the dwelling at 423 Eighth Street be relocated to 513 St. George Street.  The dwelling at 419 Eighth Street is proposed for demolition.

A draft report was reviewed regarding the heritage evaluation of 419/423 Eighth Street.  It was also noted that there is a small three room cottage at the rear of the property and a single garage.  There is no history on the cottage and is presently being occupied. 

Following discussion on the Building Sub-Committee’s heritage evaluation of the properties, it was:


THAT the Commission recommends to Council that the properties at 419 Eighth Street, does not have significant heritage merit.


THAT the Commission recommends to Council that the owner donate materials identified in the Heritage Commission evaluation for salvage.


THAT the Commission recommends to Council that the building at 423 Eighth Street, which is listed on the City’s Heritage Resource Inventory and has significant heritage merit, be offered for relocation so it can be retained.  

(Opposed:  Calvin Donnelly)

3.      Notes of a Presentation by Donovan Rypkema on “The Economics of Heritage Revitalization” on Friday, February 26, 1999 at SFU


THAT the Notes of a Presentation by Donovan Rypkema on “The Economics of Heritage Revitalization” be received.


1.      Heritage Society of B.C. Provincial Heritage Awards Program

The deadline for this year’s Heritage Awards Program is May 15th and there will be two categories – Project: Building, Interiors, Landscape and Engineering; and Advocacy.  Last year, the City won an award for its Heritage Week program.  The members suggested that the Galbraith House project be submitted.  Any potential nominations should be submitted to Leslie Gilbert who will present a list at the May Community Heritage Commission meeting for review.

2.      “City Lights” Exhibition of Neon Signs at the Vancouver Museum – for discussion neon signs in the context of New Westminster.

Information was reviewed on the article regarding the re-introduction of neon lights into the City or attempting to reintroduce neon signs in the downtown. 

3.      “True Colours” A Workshop for Heritage Homeowners” – Saturday, May 8, 1999 at SFU Harbour Centre

Members of the Commission were advised of the half day Workshop May 8th designed to provide the tools for choosing historically accurate exterior paint colours for heritage houses.

4.      Possible application to the B.C. Heritage Trust to fund homeowner workshops or a neighbourhood signage study  - for discussion.

The Commission was advised that a $1,500.00 grant was available from the Heritage Trust for a workshop or signage study.


THAT staff apply for funding to the B.C. Heritage Trust for a proposed Workshop for revitalizing the downtown area.

It was suggested that Steve Barber, Heritage Planner, City of Victoria, be invited to make a presentation, and that the principles of Donovan Rypkema about the economics of heritage revitalization, be implemented in the presentation.

5.      Demolition Permit – 317 Eleventh Street – for information

The Planning Department’s Report was forwarded to Council to consider an application to demolish the house at 317 Eleventh Street which is listed on the City’s Heritage Resource Inventory. Due to health and safety hazards, Council’s  procedure for processing was waived.  It was approved by Council that demolition be approved of the house at 317 Eleventh Street.  The house was inspected by Roger Nottingham  prior to demolition for any heritage merit, and found that it was in an advanced state of deterioration.

6.      Community Heritage Commission City’s Representative on the New Westminster Heritage Foundation

Chairman Dobrovolny advised that due to time constraints, he was no longer able to participate on the Heritage Foundation and seeking a replacement for his position.


THAT Ross Morris be the City’s Representative on the Heritage Foundation.

7.      207 Agnes Street – for information

It was reported that the house at 207 Agnes Street was a health and safety hazard and a concern to the neighbourhood.  Many renovations had been done by the owner which were not to code (photos were distributed).  It is a rental property and the tenants have moved and all utilities disconnected.

Dorothy Williams left the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

8.      415 St. George Street

It was reported that the building permit for alterations at 415 St. George Street was for an installation of a duplex.  There was concern that it may be made into a four-plex.  This matter will be further reviewed by staff.



1.      Letters of appreciation to heritage homeowners:

232 First Street

317 Fifth Avenue

209 Fourth Avenue

316 Regina Street

2.      “District Dormers and Doorways” Newsletter of the District of North Vancouver Community Heritage Commission, Winter, 1999

3.      New Westminster Historical Society for March, 1999

It was requested that a letter of appreciation to heritage homeowner at 409 Oak Street be forwarded for their outstanding work on their craftsman style home.


THAT the Correspondence be received as information.

Additional Information

Hal Conklin presenting “Santa Barbara Experience” – April 29th Eagles Hall – ($20.00 per ticket) and Wine Tasting – April 28 at the Met Hotel. 


Wednesday, May 5th, 1999 – Committee Room #2



            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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