Community Heritage Commission 

MAY 5, 1999  - 4:30 p.m.



PRESENT:   Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Chair

                        Councillor Casey Cook

                        Councillor Charmaine Murray

                        Marlene Blair

                        Calvin Donnelly

                        Steve Norman

                        Roger Nottingham

                        Dorothy Williams

ADVISORS:  Ron Clancy                - City Librarian

STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert             - Planner

                        Doreen Pysar            - Committee Secretary

REGRETS:   Ross Morris

                        Derrick Thornhill

                        Archie Miller               - City Curator


1.      513 St. George Street (Mary Ann Hiatt)

2.      RS-6 Discussion

3.      List of Events for Poetry re: 1999 Poet Laureate - Edna Anderson

4.      Scheduling of Next Community Heritage Commission Meeting


Regular Meeting of April 7, 1999

MOVED, SECONDED AND CARRIED this Committee recommends:

THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held April 7th, 1999 be adopted as circulated.


1.      Mary Ann Hiatt, re: 513 St. George Street

The delegate attended the meeting to address the concerns of the Commission expressed at the April 7th meeting.  The owner provided information on the lot size as well as the placement of the house being moved from 423 Eighth Street to 513 St. George Street.  She also circulated a map showing the St. George Street properties.

The owners propose to relocate the house at 523 Eighth Street to their property at 513 St. George Street.  The lot will be subdivided, creating two 33 foot lots. The relocated house will have a front yard setback of 24 ft.  RS-6 zoning is required. A height variance will be required for the relocated house.

Excavation will be required and a concrete foundation poured.  The house will be moved in from the rear of the lot and the existing vegetation retained.

The house to be relocated was designed in 1892 by E. J. Boughen.  It is good physical condition.  The owners intend to liaise with the Heritage Preservation Society for assistance in re-creating its original heritage design.  The owners intend to either reside in the relocated house or  sell it.

The delegate left the meeting at 4:45 p.m.

A letter will be forwarded to the delegate, advising her that the Commission is appreciative of the proposal, which involves the retention of a heritage building that may have otherwise been demolished.


1.      Revised Membership List


THAT the revised Community Heritage Commission Membership List be received.

2.      Heritage Society of B.C. Provincial Heritage Awards program – request for members to submit nominations

The Commission was reminded that the deadline for nominations in the two categories – “Projects” and “Advocacy” is May 15th. It was agreed that the Galbraith House project be presented for nomination next year.  It was agreed to nominate the Samson V in the “Projects” category. 

Calvin Donnelly left the meeting at 5:00 p.m.


1.      Demolition of 1009 Queen’s Avenue: Sub-Committee evaluation report

A sub-committee consisting of Roger Nottingham, Marlene Blair and Dorothy Williams viewed the house at 1009 Queens Avenue.  As the vacant house was boarded up, the evaluation was only performed on the building exterior. The sub-committee report indicated that the outside appearance was original and that architectural pieces could be salvaged, where possible.  Members referred to a heritage evaluation that was conducted in 1995 which included the interior, noting that there were salvageable materials at that time.

The Planner advised that the City has attempted to include the existing buildings on the site as part of a Heritage Revitalization Agreement and that the relocation of the house to another site nearby was considered a few months ago, but determined to be too costly.

In further discussion, Commission members noted that the residents of the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood wish to retain the existing single detached housing and that the City should take steps to deter owners who purposefully neglect their properties in order to enhance the chances of demolition. 

Calvin Donnelly returned to the meeting at 5:15 p.m.


THAT the Commission recommends:

(1)   there is architectural merit to the building at 1009 Queens Avenue and any architectural materials should be salvaged.

(2)   to communicate the direction of the Brow of the Hill plan that there is emphasis to retain single family dwellings in the area.

(3)   staff be directed  to communicate with other communities to determine their policies on similar situations;

Opposed:  Calvin Donnelly

Staff was requested to correspond with the Co-op housing adjacent to 1009 Queen’s Avenue regarding the status of this application.

2.      Application for Demolition Permit: 1421 Nanaimo Street

An application permit for the demolition of 1421 Nanaimo Street was referred by Council to the Community Heritage Commission for evaluation.

A sub-committee consisting of Roger Nottingham, Marlene Blair, Dorothy Williams, Calvin Donnelly and Ross Norris will evaluate the heritage merit of the  house at 1421 Nanaimo Street.  A report will be presented to members of the Commission at the next meeting.

3.      Suggestions for Naming Street for the Thompson’s Landing Subdivision report

Information was circulated on suggestions for street names for the Thompson’s Landing subdivision.

Councillor Cook stressed the importance of retaining the history of the area and that there should be some balance in terms of citizen’s contribution and their recognition.  He suggested that former City Councillor Joe Francis, who had contributed 25 years service to the city, should be considered in the street naming.  The use of names relating to historical figures (i.e., aboriginal) was preferred. 

It was agreed that Pocket Park Names should include Joe Francis and a group of aboriginal names; and that Holly Park and Cottonwood Park be deleted from the list that will be forwarded to the Queensborough Resident’s Association for their comments and suggestions.

4.      Update on the relocation of the New Westminster Tourist Centre (B.C. Mill House), verbal report by Planner

The Planner reported that Larco Investments Ltd. has agreed to lease a small portion of their site at the Westminster Pier to the Chamber for $1.00 per year to relocate the B.C. Mill House.  The structure will be moved approximately 15 feet to the east of the present location.  It will continue to be used as the Information Centre.  Quotes for relocation are being obtained.

5.      Update on the Municipal Heritage Designation of 305 Carnarvon Street, verbal report by Planner

The Commission was advised that the heritage designation bylaw for 305 Carnarvon Street was adopted at the April 19th Regular Council meeting.  Eric Langstroth and Jim Wolf of the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society have volunteered to advise the owner on future restoration initiatives.


1.      Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, June 24-26, 1999 in Prince George, B.C.

Members of the Commission were reminded of the Heritage Society Annual Conference in Prince George June 24 to 26.  Members interested in attending should contact the Planner so that a proposed budget could be forwarded to Council for consideration.  The Planner will be attending and will report back to the Commission on the Conference highlights.

2.      Proposed exterior alterations to 1014 Cornwall Street, presentation by Planner on behalf of owners Briscop/Parent

The Planner presented an information item as circulated on proposed minor alterations to the 1910 bungalow at 1014 Cornwall Street.  The owners intend to open up the front porch and return it to its original configuration.  The interior will be restored as much as possible.  The exterior color will be changed to Benjamin Moore heritage colors of chrome green, burgundy and cream trim.  As the owners are members of the New Westminster Preservation Society, the Society’s Commission representative agreed to inform the Society and assist the owners to re-create the house to its original configuration, including the diamond shaped window adjacent to the front door.

3.      Status Update on 415 St. George Street, verbal report by Planner

At the April meeting of the Commission, there was some discussion that construction at 415 St. George Street may include a total of four units.  Correspondence has been received by the owner confirming that a duplex is being constructed and not a fourplex.

4.      Aitkens Pewter – for information

Correspondence was circulated from Aitkens Pewter regarding the producing of pewter ornaments, used as a way to promote local heritage features.  The information be referred to Tourism New Westminster, the Chamber of Commerce and the Hyack Festival for consideration for promotional purposes; i.e.,  suggested for production of an exploding anvil, etc.

5.      A.I.B.C. Architecture & Preservation

Registration for various courses on the topic of heritage preservation was circulated.  Members were advised to contact the Planner if there was any interest in regi


stering. Funding for registration would require Council approval.

1.      RS-6 Discussion

Clarification was requested regarding the rezoning of 513 St. George Street and the requirements of RS-6 zoning.

RS-6 zoning permits a higher floor space ratio (factor of 0.6) than the City’s other single detached zoning districts.  It was created to encourage the retention of heritage houses which may not be in conformance with the City’s Zoning Bylaw. The RS-6 zoning district was amended in March of 1998 to require, as a condition of rezoning, that the owner designate the property as a municipal heritage property or register a restrictive covenant on title for the building design.

The house being relocated from 423 Eighth Street will have to comply with RS-6 zoning of the new lot being created at 513 St. George Street.  The existing house which will occupy the remaining lot at 513 St. George Street does comply with RS-6 zoning.

2.      Edna Anderson request  for List of Upcoming Events for Poetry

The 1999 Poet Laureate, Edna Anderson, requested a list of upcoming events for compiling suitable poetry for the occasion.  Suggestions for upcoming events included Hyack Festival, May Day, Canada Day, Inaugural Meeting and Remembrance Day.  A list of events will be compiled for the 1999 Poet Laureate to draft poetry for the occasion.

3.      Discussion for next meeting of the Community Heritage Commission

It was agreed that a meeting would be held in June.  Members would be advised of the date at least one week prior to the meeting.


1.                  Letter of appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Stelmach re: 409 Oak Street.

2.                  Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Hiatt  of 513 St. George Street in appreciation of their presentation.

3.                  Letter from Mary-Anne Hiatt clarifying issues  re: RS-6 rezoning application and relocation of house at 423 Eighth Street.

4.                  Letter to Mr. Terry Grant of 336 Fifth Street in appreciation of his presentation.

5.                  Letter from Mr. John Beckett, President of the New Westminster Heritage Foundation re:  filming donations.

6.                  New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter for April, 1999.

7.                  Neon Bus Tour of Vancouver with historian and author John Atken, May 15, 1999.

8.                  B.C. Heritage River’s System, Spring 1999.

9.                  Historic Theatres Trust 10th Anniversary Issue, Winter 1998/99.

(1)   Correspondence regarding filming

There was discussion regarding the letter from the New Westminster Heritage Foundation outlining their concern that the City is not encouraging film companies to contribute to the Foundation.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission express its concern that the practice of approaching filming companies for financial contributions seems to have been discontinued and that Council should be requested  to provide direction to rectify this situation that filming companies should be pursued for donations.    


THAT all Correspondence be received as information.


At the call of the Chair.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Certified Correct,




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