JUNE 9, 1999  -   4:30 P.M.




Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Chair
Councillor Charmaine Murray
Marlene Blair
Calvin Donnelly
Ross Morris
Steve Norman
Roger Nottingham
Dorothy Williams


Leslie Gilbert             -           Planner
Stephen Scheving   -            Sr. Planner
Doreen Pysar            -           Secretary                  


Councillor Casey Cook       
Derrick Thornhill
Ron Clancy                -           City Librarian
Archie Miller               -           City Curator


1.      221 Queens Avenue – Application for Demolition

2.      321 Queens Avenue – Application for Heritage Designation

3.      601 Eighth Avenue (Royal City Christian Centre) – Exterior Alterations

4.      Queens Park Design Guidelines


1.      Mr. Bob Ferguson, re: Application for a permit to demolish 221 Queens Avenue

Bob Ferguson of Grafic Design presented plans for a proposed replacement house at 221 Queens Avenue.  Site information was circulated and reviewed. The lot is 24,000 sq. ft. and has rear lane access.

An application was submitted to the Engineering Department June 4th for demolition of the present residence.  The present residence was constructed in 1953 as a  modern period ranch style built by Dominion Construction Ltd.  The house is listed on the New Westminster Heritage Resource Inventory, but not designated as a municipal heritage site.  The existing house replaced an earlier two storey house Colonial Revival style built in the 1930's.

The proposed  house will be 4,000 sq. ft. on main floor and 4,000 sq. ft. on second floor plus basement.  Mr. Ferguson based his architectural design on historic precedents.  A "Samuel Maclure" style of architect will be incorporated. 

Majority of siding will be shingles with 10/12  pitch treated shake roof;   ceiling height will be 10 feet on main floor and 9 feet on second floor;

Mr. Ferguson stated that the plans still require fine-tuning and that he would return with final drawings.

The residence will be professionally landscaped (it was suggested to locate photos of previous house for original streetscape).

The architect suggested that the owner would allow building materials to be made available to the community for salvage; ie., flooring and paneling, copper piping in roof; 50’s era marble fireplace, contemporary moulding on mantel. 

The delegate left the meeting.

A sub-committee consisting of Roger Nottingham, Steve Norman, Marlene Blair, Calvin Donnelly and Ross Morris agreed to inspect the house at 221 Queens Avenue and prepare an evaluation report for Council’s consideration. 

A letter will be forwarded to Bob Ferguson of Grafic Design indicating support of the plans for the replacement residence for 221 Queens Avenue.

The application for demolition of 221 Queens Avenue will be forwarded to Committee of the Whole at the June 14th meeting for referral to the Community Heritage Commission.

2.      Pastor Brian Walrond re Exterior Alterations to 601 Eighth Avenue (Royal City Christian Centre)

Pastor Walrond presented a sketch on proposed color changes and implementation of a removable sign to the facility at 601 Eighth Avenue.  This facility (called the BOMB Shell) is a youth centre located behind New Westminster Senior Secondary School.  The facility is geared for both at risk and not-at-risk youth who would participate in programs and events.


THAT the Commission requests that Pastor Walrond forward a letter to Council requesting permission to implement a freestanding sign with specific colours for the youth facility at 601 Eighth Avenue.

3.      131 Eighth Street (Galbraith House) re Phase III – Ron & Marie Jang

Jangs presented preliminary drawings for Phase III of the Galbraith House at 131 Eighth Street which includes the Tea House and Parking.  The initial plans included the Tea House attached to the Galbraith House and with underground parking. A six foot separation was required between the main house and the Tea House due to commercial use of the kitchen; and the underground parking seemed unworkable.  A sketch was reviewed which included several levels of the Tea House to accommodate parking.

The Commission gave their support in principle for preliminary plans for Phase III, understanding that staff would meet with the Jangs to work through details including the parking  for Phase III of the Galbraith House.

4.      Heritage Designation of 321 Queens Avenue

A request for heritage designation from the owners of  321 Queens Avenue was submitted.

A sub-committee including Marlene Blair, Roger Nottingham, Calvin Donnelly and Dorothy Williams will evaluate the residence at 321 Queens Avenue for heritage designation.


1.      Regular Meeting of May 5, 1999

            MOVED, SECONDED and CARRIED this Committee recommends: 

THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held May 5th, 1999 be adopted as circulated.



Street Naming for Thompson’s Landing – referral to the Queensborough Ratepayers’ Association


THAT staff provide a list of other historical names of citizens who had served the community for any length of time for consideration for any future street naming.


Annual Heritage Society of B.C. Awards – New Westminster’s submission

The Commission was advised that Samson V Maritime Museum won the Heritage Society of B.C. Award in the Restoration category.  Staff would accept the award at the Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, June 24-26 in Prince George.


Memorandum from the Planner re:  1009 Queens Avenue


The recommendations from the Community Heritage Commission May 5th meeting to demolish 1009 Queens Avenue was presented to Council.  The applicant has agreed to salvage any items of heritage merit and the Preservation Society has also been contacted for their interest.  Communication has been made to the Brow of the Hill residents to retain single family dwellings for inclusion in their neighbourhood plan.  Other communities will be contacted to discuss their policies on similar situations.


Report from the Planner re:  1421 Nanaimo Street demolition permit application

An application for demolition of 1421 Nanaimo Street had been reviewed.  The building sub-committee evaluated the house and reported that there is no heritage merit and that it has been stripped of all material prior to review.  A report will be presented to Council at their June 14th meeting.


THAT the application to demolish 1421 Nanaimo Street be approved since there is no heritage merit and that the house had been stripped prior to the review of the building sub-committee.

There was discussion on the possibility of implementing regulations and penalizing for stripping buildings prior to applying for a demolition permit.


THAT  staff investigate changes to regulations to make it mandatory to prevent applicants from stripping houses prior to applying for a demolition permit.


THAT all demolition applications (including houses that are part of a multi-family rezoning application or zoned commercial) be presented to the Community Heritage Commission for review and approval. 


Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, June 24 – 26 in Prince George

The members of the Commission were reminded of the Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, June 24 – 26 in Prince George.



List of Events for the 1999 Poet Laureate

At the May meeting of the Commission, it was requested that a list of community events be requested and forwarded to the 1999 Poet Laureate.  It was reported that the next event that the Poet Laureate would be asked to draft poetry would be the Citizens Immigration Court.

It was suggested that in future years, since the Poet Laureate may find it to be a tremendous task to draft poetry for all events, that it be advised to compose for “any/or all” events.


RS-6 Zoning Information

Information on RS-6 zoning was circulated and reviewed. 

There was discussion on the procedure and the timeframe for RS-6 zoning, in particular the policy requiring owners to designate or put a restrictive covenant on the property.  Typically, houses have been relocated then restored and designated.  Commission members thought it may be beneficial to have the owners apply for designation at the time of application to show intent.  Designation would be put on hold with the restoration was completed.


THAT all owners who apply for RS-6 zoning be required to make application early in the process for heritage designation.


Referral from the Arts and Culture Commission re:  Millennium grant proposal

A recommendation was received from the Arts and Culture Commission that the matter of making grant applications to the BC 2000 Grants, through both arts and culture and heritage streams, be referred to the Community Heritage Commission, in order to take advantage of the offer by Joe Plaskett to donate some of his art work to a permanent gallery in the City.


THAT the Commission support the recommendation of the Arts and Culture Commission and that staff investigate making application to the BC 2000 Grants to further the City's arts and culture and heritage goals.



Letter from the Chair to Mrs. Mary Ann Hiatt re: 513 St. George Street


Letter from the Chair  to Mrrs. Briscop and Parent re:  exterior alterations to 1014 Cornwall Street


Letter from the Planner re:  Aitkens Pewter to Tourism New Westminster, the Chamber of Commerce and the Hyack Festival


Letter to Hal Conklin re Santa Barbara presentation


Victoria Heritage Foundation Annual Report for 1998


The Vancouver Heritage Foundation brochure


New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter,  May 1999


Heritage Canada Annual Conference:  “Social Changes and Heritage Strategies”  October 21 – 23, 1999 in St. John’s, Nfld


“Heritage Conservation Tax Incentives in Winnipeg” from Heritage, Spring, 1999


“Web of Steel – the Lion’s Gate Bridge Turns 60” from Heritage, Spring 1999


THAT the Correspondence be received.

(a)   The members noted three main items of interest arising from the Annual Report of the Victoria Heritage Commission;  including "how-to-restore brochures; the study on the affects of designation and funding on residential property values and taxes; and information on whether or not the City of Victoria agreed to note designated properties on the annual tax notices.  This information will be requested.


Wednesday, June 30th, 1999 – Committee Room #2

Members to be advised.



            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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