January  5, 2000 – 4:30 p.m.

Committee Room #2



Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair
Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
Councillor Bob Osterman
Marlene Blair
Carol Cheremkora
Ross Morris
Roger Nottingham
Lynn Radbourne
Ron Clancy, City Librarian
Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House

REGRETS:   Jack Bass

Leslie Gilbert, Senior Planner
Doreen Pysar, Committee Secretary

Councillor Puchmayr, Chair, welcomed members of the Commission, the first meeting of the year 2000 term.   Members introduced themselves.


1.      Eric Pattison, 436 Second Street, application to rezone to RS-6

Eric Pattison of Decosse Pattison Architects presented a proposal to rezone the property at 436 Second Street from RS-1 to RS-6.

The house was built in 1895 in the Edwardian builder style.  The house was extensively modernized in 1974 following a fire.  The original windows have been replaced with aluminum glazed windows and the house is clad in vinyl siding.

The owner proposes to raise the house approximately 10 inches and develop a full basement to provide more living space. A small attached garage which blocks access to the back lane will be removed.  Under the RS-6 zone, the area of the basement will be discounted in the calculation of the total floor space. The owners are willing to designate the house as a Municipal Heritage Site. There are no plans for a secondary suite.

In addition to creating the basement, the owner proposes to do extensive exterior alterations.  The vinyl siding will be removed and the original siding restored.  A heritage colour scheme has been selected based on the Abbott House in Vancouver.  Other exterior elements will include fish scale siding, rectangular vents, decorative gable ends and a new verge board. The aluminum windows will be replaced with wood windows.  There will be a new front door and a lattice under porch.  A 5 foot wide wrap-around porch will be included as well as one and two storey bays.

Nancy Powell, Landscape Architect, presented the landscape plan, which would include a rock garden and small to medium size shrubbery.  Brick from the chimney would be used in the landscaping elements.

The Commission commended the applicant on the presentation and proposed alterations.

Staff was directed to forward a letter of support to the applicant commending the presentation and proposed alterations to preserve and improve the house.


THAT the Commission supports the application to rezone 436 Second Street to RS-6 zoning.

2.      Margo Barton, 332 Keary Street, proposed exterior alterations

Margo Barton, owner, presented a proposal for an addition to her home at 332 Keary Street.  Sketches by architect Rob Johnson were included in the meeting agenda package and a photograph of the existing house was circulated.  The proposal involves exterior alterations but does not require a rezoning or variance permit.

The house was constructed in 1901 in the Edwardian builder style.  The house currently has a six foot high basement.  A site survey is being prepared as there are two legal descriptions for the property.

Proposed alterations include a bedroom upstairs, small bathroom, family room, powder room and study room and an additional room downstairs.  The proposed design includes a turret, which is being interpreted as an embellishment rather than structural to be within the maximum height limitations of the zoning district.  There are tall houses on either side of 332 Keary Street.

Vinyl siding will be used on the addition to match the existing siding.  Some fish scale trim will also be used.  Colors will be rust with white trim.  All windows are wood.

Commission members commented that the height of the turret seemed out of scale and suggested that it be modified to be a similar height as the roof. The Commission also suggested that cedar should be considered for the corners to soften the look of the vinyl siding.

Staff was directed to forward a letter to the owner thanking them for their presentation and commending the owner that they are preserving and improving their residence. 


THAT the Commission supports the proposed alterations to 332 Keary Street and recommends that the applicant be advised that if vinyl siding are being used, that wooden edges be utilized.


1.      Discussion on the removal of interior lot lines.

2.      Discussion on Resident Associations being informed of heritage review processes of heritage homes throughout the City


1.      Regular Meeting of November 03, 1999


THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held November 03, 1999 be adopted.


1.      Street Naming for Thompson’s Landing, November 29, 1999 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

At the November 29, 1999 Committee of the Whole Meeting, the recommendation to approve the street naming of the Thompson’s Landing Development which included Francois Street and Annance Street as street names was referred back to staff for further clarification. Council’s concern was that the two street names involved only one person. 


THAT the sub-committee be reconvened to further explore other names for the Thompson’s Landing subdivision and that the report prepared by staff be presented to Council. The participation of school students in researching street naming suggestions will also be included. 

The members of the sub-committee include Ross Morris, Marlene Blair, Roger Nottingham and Archie Miller.

No further input was received from the Queensborough Ratepayers’ Association regarding further suggestions for street names for Thompson’s Landing.

It was also suggested that there should be interpretative signage and also that, in the future, a few additional names be submitted along with the recommended names from which Council can choose. 

Jacqueline O’Donnell suggested that school students could be invited to participate and that the project would have an educational component as part of the school curriculum.  Other communities could be queried on their guidelines in street naming. 

2.      Review of Applications for Heritage Buildings

The Senior Planner distributed a draft handout describing the City’s heritage review process and handed out when applicants apply for a permit to demolish buildings.  The intent is to prevent the removal of heritage elements until the heritage review process has been completed.  A report on the review of applications for heritage buildings along with the solicitor’s comments were reviewed. 

A revised report will be presented at the next Community Heritage Commission meeting.  It was also suggested that this information could be circulated to the Residents’ Association groups.

3.      Notes on Heritage Canada Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland, October 21 – 24, 1999

A report from the Senior Planner was circulated commenting on the program at the Heritage Canada Conference which included discussion on how we can incorporate heritage conservation in community planning during times of fiscal restraint.


1.      New Westminster Heritage Commission, Membership List, Meeting Dates, Rules of Conduct and Bylaw

The dates for the meeting of the Commission for year 2000 were circulated, along with the list of members on the Commission.  A revised list of members will be circulated. 

2.      Planning for Heritage Week (February 21 – 28, 2000)

It was agreed that the Heritage Week program should be continued for the year 2000; and that it be similar to last’s year program to include the Colouring, Design and Poetry Contests; appointing a Poet Laureate to be effective from May Day to May Day with participation in approximately ten events; attempting to distribute the prizes to a greater number of entrants; communicating with Rogers TV to obtain better angles for coverage.

Members of the Commission were asked to volunteer for various areas of the program.

3.      Review of Heritage Accomplishments in New Westminster

A report drafted by the Senior Planner on New Westminster’s Heritage Accomplishments for 1999 was circulated and reviewed.  The report has also been forwarded to the New Westminster News Leader and the Record.  The Commission advised that the report be referred to Council for their information.

4.      Discussion on the Removal of Interior Lot Lines

The Chair advised that the City Solicitor had discussed amendments to the Municipal Act under Bill 88 permitting the city to amalgamate narrow lots.  Interior lot lines may be removed upon application to the Land Title Office, provided that both parcels have the same plan number.  Discussion ensued.


THAT the Commission supports the idea of financial assessment to homeowners for the removal of internal lot lines.   MOTION WITHDRAWN.


1.                  City of Vancouver heritage walking tour brochures, to distributed at meeting.

2.                  Workshop “The Economic Impacts of Heritage Legislation: Windfall or Downfall?” SFU Harbour Centre, February 25, 2000.

3.                  Heritage Society of B.C. Newsletter, Fall 1999.

4.                   B.C. Heritage Rivers Board News Release.

5.                  Letter from Maureen Arvanitides, New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society.

6.                  “Mouth of the Fraser” Newsletter of the Richmond Community Heritage Commission.

7.                  New  Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, November 1999.


THAT the correspondence be received.

Re: Item 2 – Workshop “Economic Impacts of Heritage Conservation: Windfall or Downfall” on February 25 at SFU Harbour Centre.   The Senior Planners will attend the Workshop.   Members of the Commission interested in attending included Marlene Blair and Carol Cheremkora.  A request to cover the registration fees will be submitted to the City Administrator. 


Wednesday, February 2, 2000 – Committee Room #2


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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