May 03, 2000 – 4:30 p.m.

Committee Room #2



Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair
Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
Councillor Bob Osterman
Jack Bass
Marlene Blair
Carol Cheremkora
Ross Morris
Roger Nottingham
Ron Clancy, City Librarian
Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House

REGRETS: Lynn Radbourne

Leslie Gilbert, Senior Planner
Doreen Pysar, Committee Secretary



Unfinished Business

Item 4 - Update on Relocation of Tugger


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for May 3, 2000 be accepted. 



THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held April 5, 2000 be adopted.


1.      Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, May 11 – 13, 2000 request to Administrator for funding to attend

The Sr. Planner spoke to her memo regarding a funding request for Commission members to attend the Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, May 11 – 13, 2000.  The Administrator has agreed to cover the cost of the Executive Director of the New Westminster Downtown Business Improvement Society as the topic of the conference is downtown revitalization through the use of heritage incentives.

The Chair advised that members could seek funding to attend other heritage-related events and that there may be additional resources available in the future.

2.      Discussion on Heritage Promotion of New Westminster:  Newspaper Column follow-up discussion

At the March meeting, it was agreed that a column be established in the local newspaper in which a historical photograph is displayed for readers to guess the photo.  A description of the article is then inserted in the newspaper and a small prized allotted to the winner. 

Steven Malkowich of The Record newspaper has agreed to provide space to run the historic picture for a few weeks, followed by a description of the photo.  Since it is the Library’s 135th Anniversary, the City Librarian suggested that the first historic photo could be of the original New Westminster Public Library building. The picture would also be enlarged and displayed at City Hall and the Library.   Library staff will contact Jack Bass with the required information and will then liaise with The Record.

Following this, the Commission will review and refine the process for future photographs to run in the paper.  It was suggested that this task could possibly be done by volunteers.

3.      Information on the Tugger

Play equipment known as the Tugger, formerly located at the Westminster Quay site, was moved during the building of the Discovery Centre and presently is in storage.   The members of the Commission were advised that the Tugger would be relocated adjacent to the Discovery Centre. 

4.      Discussion of CHC Tour of Woodlands School Site

On March 6, 2000, Council requested that the issue of the designation of the four historically significant buildings on the Woodlands site be referred to the Community Heritage Commission for comment, and that BCBC be advised that the process for heritage designation has commenced.  The preliminary heritage value assessment Report by Barry McGinn was provided to members for review as well as a tour by Commission members of the Woodlands site facility.

The Commission agreed that all buildings were well constructed and, considering their age and occupancy, in relatively good condition and of significant heritage merit.  Discussion ensued about the impact of filming on the buildings, particularly in the Centre Building.


THAT there is significant heritage merit in the six buildings (Nurses Residence, Centre Building, Maple and Oak Cottages, the Centre Building, Boilerhouse and Fire Hall) on the Woodlands site.


THAT there is concern about ongoing damage to the buildings as a result of filming and request that BCBC be notified again regarding the City’s concerns.


THAT the conservation of buildings with heritage merit be encouraged and that the buildings either be adaptably reused or incorporated into new developments.

It was requested that the City’s Filming Co-ordinator be asked to monitor filming in the Woodlands site and to ensure that all buildings are left in the same or better condition following filming.  It was also suggested that the filming companies be approached for every shoot for a contributory donation that would be used to enhance the city’s heritage.

Jack Bass left the meeting at 5:10 p.m.


1.      Proposal for a Community Workshop on Old Houses

The Sr. Planner advised that a proposal was received from Jim Wolf to organize a one-day workshop on old houses.  She offered to prepare a grant proposal to the Heritage Trust requesting funding for the workshop.   The Commission agreed that the workshop should be held.  They suggested that it be entitled “Know Your Old New Westminster House” and that it be advertised to indicate that the City defines broadly to include a variety of houses including those constructed in the 1950’s.

It was agreed that the Sr. Planner prepare a grant proposal to the Heritage Trust and liaise with Jim Wolf to organize a Workshop “Know your Old New Westminster House”.

2.      Establishment of Sub-Committee to plan 1999 Royal City Builders Awards

The City’s Royal City Builders’ Award will be held September 20th and a call for nominations will be advertised in the newspaper in May.  A committee including Ross Morris, Marlene Blair, Carol Cheremkora and Roger Nottingham will organize nominations of the heritage categories including restoration/renovation.

3.      Proposed Heritage Endowment Program – verbal update by the Chair

The Chair reviewed a proposed Endowment Grant Program, which will be presented to Council in the near future.  The purpose of the Program is to recommend to Council, through a committee, appropriate heritage initiatives to receive funding from casino sources on an annual basis.

Cllr. Dobrovolny discussed the New Westminster Heritage Foundation, which has a mandate to provide grants for façade upgrading on designated residential buildings.  He felt the City should be aware of existing agencies to avoid duplication before establishing new ones.

It was agreed that an invitation be extended to John Beckett, President of the Heritage Foundation to attend the next meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for a briefing on the program.


1.                  Letter to Mr. Laurence and Ms. Yen Hung re: 401 Garrett Street.

2.                  Article on “Pamphlets aimed at helping restore heritage homes”.
Article on  Density transfer good for Gastown, the Vancouver Courier.

3.                  Article on  Paving paradise causes problems, say city engineers, The Vancouver Courier.

4.                  Info re:  Letter from New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.

5.                  Heritage Society of British Columbia Newsletter.

7.           Government Initiatives, The Magazine of the Heritage Canada Foundation.


THAT the correspondence be received.


Wednesday, June  7, 2000 – Committee Room #2


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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