June 06, 2000 – 4:30 p.m.

Committee Room #2



Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair
Councillor Bob Osterman                
Marlene Blair
Carol Cheremkora
Ross Morris
Roger Nottingham
Lynn Radbourne
Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House


Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
Jack Bass
Ron Clancy, City Librarian


Leslie Gilbert, Senior Planner
Mary De Paoli, Planning Research Assistant



There were no additions to the Agenda.


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for June 06, 2000 be accepted with Item #3 under New Business carried over to the next meeting in which Councillor Dobrovolny is present. 



THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held May 03, 2000 be adopted.


1.      Jim and Mary Ann Wise, owners, re demolition and new construction at 314 Regina Street

Referring to architectural plans, Jim Wise described the proposed demolition and new construction at 314 Regina Street.   Photographs of the existing house as well as a possible colour scheme for the house were distributed.  The house, which is currently located at 314 Regina Street, will be demolished and in its place a new house measuring approximately 4000 sq. ft. will be constructed. 

The owners appreciate the heritage character of the neighbourhood and plan to reflect this character in the proposed new construction.

The arborist’s report for existing trees on the property was presented.

The delegates were advised that the Commission would discuss their proposal later in the meeting and make a recommendation.  The owners will be advised by letter of the Commission’s recommendation for the demolition and new construction.

The following points were raised by Commission members:

·        There were concerns about salvaging re-usable items such as flooring and door knobs from the existing house before its demolition.   The Chair suggested that Commission members contact the Sr. Planner to view the house to determine what is salvageable.  Roger Nottingham noted that he had already seen the house and that salvage materials were not a concern.    

·        There was some concern about the lack of contact between the owners and their neighbours regarding the demolition and proposed new construction. 

·        It was agreed that the design of the new construction would blend in well with the streetscape and be a positive contribution to the neighbourhood.    

2.      Colleen Gould, New Westminster Filming Co-ordinator re Woodlands Filming Update

As Colleen Gould was unable to attend the meeting, the Sr. Planner presented a summary of the Woodlands filming update.  It was noted that the amount of filming at the Woodlands site is on the increase and BCBC have retained an on-site filming co-ordinator.  Filming within the Nurses’ Residence is now no longer permitted.  Any repairs as a result of filming activities are deducted from the required $10,000 damage deposit. 

The following points were raised by Commission members:

·        It was suggested that the New Westminster Filming Co-ordinator monitor filming at the Woodlands site.  It was agreed that, since the Woodlands site is private property, access to the Woodlands site would be restricted.  It was also suggested it is beyond the scope of the Filming Co-ordinator’s position to make property damage assessments.

·        Maintaining contact with the newly appointed B.C. Buildings Corporation Filming Co-ordinator was discussed as a way of keeping updated on the impact of filming on the Woodlands site.


1.      Heritage Promotion of New Westminster Newspaper Column – member updates

Jacqueline O’Donnell advised that the heritage promotion of New Westminster newspaper column was currently on hold because of internal changes within The Record.  Ron Clancy has sent the article to the newspaper.

2.      Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference, Victoria – verbal report by participants Councillor Puchmayr, Jack Bass and Leslie Gilbert

Notes will be available in the next agenda package. 

Councillor Puchmayr noted that the conference was both enjoyable and informative.  He participated in the “Promoting Our Heritage Tour” which featured well preserved heritage homes that had been converted into businesses.  He noted the use of fibreglass roofing shakes which are considered to be very cost-efficient.  Galbraith House was featured as a Provincial Heritage Award winner in the Exterior Building Restoration category.

3.      Woodlands School  Site – resolutions referred back to Commission

This item has been carried over for discussion at a later Commission meeting when Councillor Dobrovolny is present.

4.      Heritage Endowment Program – overview by Planner

The Sr. Planner noted that the Heritage Endowment Program has now been adopted by Council.  The purpose of the Program is to recommend to Council, through a committee, appropriate heritage initiatives to receive funding from casino sources on an annual basis.  The applications for funding must be endorsed by a community organization and cost shared. 

The Chair had concerns regarding the short period of time allotted for applications and the possible need to extend project completion deadlines.  Since this is the first award to be given out, it was agreed that the completion dates could be flexible so as to allow time for the Program committee to be structured and lessen any unnecessary obstacles for award recipients.


THAT for the initial offering of the Heritage Endowment Fund with an application deadline of June 19, 2000, the project completion date be extended on an as-needed basis.

5.      307 Fourth Avenue – status update

The Sr. Planner noted that Keith Coueffin, Assistant Director of Strategic Services, is liaising with the owner of 307 Fourth Avenue regarding the removal of abandoned cars from the front yard and the general maintenance of the property.

It was suggested that any action be undertaken in a sensitive manner.  It was also suggested that the owners may benefit from the services of the New Westminster Senior’s Bureau and that Keith Coueffin may want to make them aware of these services. 


1.      Member report on Heritage Home Tour, May 28, 2000

Marlene Blair noted that the Tour was very successful and sold out within 2 hours of tickets going on sale.  Carol Cheremkora added that the homes featured on the tour were very good examples of heritage home restorations located within different parts of the City.  The highlights were Mercer House and Galbraith House.

The Chair suggested that the Commission write a letter to the Heritage Preservation Society congratulating and thanking them for another successful Home Tour noting the importance of this tour as a showcase for the City.  It was suggested that a separate City homes tour featuring homes and other structures built in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s may be feasible and that such a tour could be mentioned in the letter to the Society.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission look into the possibility of hosting a separate tour which would feature structures built in the City between the 1940s and 1960s. 

2.      1999 Royal City Builders’ Awards – call for nominations

The Sr. Planner noted that an advertisement for the Royal City Builders’ Awards was placed in the local paper, appearing May 24th, 2000.  The Royal City Builders’ Awards Sub-Committee will meet shortly to discuss nominations. 

3.       628 Royal Avenue, St. Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church – discussion on exterior alterations

Recent exterior alterations to the church were discussed.  The Sr. Planner noted previous discussions with the Bishop regarding exterior alterations which may include white-washed walls with blue trim.  Funding opportunities for exterior alterations were also discussed.  It was suggested that Eric Pattison could be contacted to provide research and assistance with design ideas. 

Members suggested that it may be possible to hire an architecture student who could be jointly funded by the Heritage Preservation Society and Canada Employment.  The B.C. Heritage Trust was also suggested as a possible source of funding.

The Chair noted that New Westminster Community Development Society may be an important community group to link up with in order to seek additional funding opportunities.


1.                  Heritage Canada Foundation Membership

2.                  Vancouver’s Heritage and Antiques Fair – March 22-25, 2001

3.                  Correspondence from Lou Sekora, M.P. re millennium grant


THAT the correspondence be received.


Wednesday, July 5, 2000 – Committee Room #2


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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