June 28, 2000 – 4:30 p.m.

Council Chambers



Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair
Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
Carol Cheremkora
Ross Morris
Roger Nottingham
Lynn Radbourne


Councillor Bob Osterman
Marlene Blair
Jack Bass
Ron Clancy, City Librarian
Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House


Leslie Gilbert, Senior Planner
Doreen Pysar, Recording Secretary



1.      Rose Ternes, owner, re renovation 375 Keary Street

Rose Ternes and Bob Williams described their proposed renovations to 375 Keary Street relying on photoboards of the existing house, proposed drawings and sample Benjamin Moore paint chips showing the proposed colour scheme. 

The proposal involves the addition of a shed dormer in the attic area to increase living space.   The dormer will have a gable end doorway to a proposed deck off the upper floor. The roof line is being reconfigured and new duroid roofing installed.  In addition, the front portico to be changed to a hipped roof to reflect the roof line of the house.

The proposed addition to the attic adds 600 sq. ft. to the area of the house, pushing the floor space over the required bylaw maximum.  The owners will partially fill the downstairs to compensate for the amount of floor space that is over the bylaw requirement.  This proposal does not require any variances and there will be no increase in building height.

The owners intend to remove the asbestos tiles on the exterior and restore the underlying cedar shingles.  They have also salvaged items to be included in the alterations, such as leaded windows, fir floors and soffitts.

The delegates were advised that the Commission would discuss their proposal and could remain at the meeting if they preferred.

Offering their endorsement of the project, Commission members commented that the proposed addition would be complementary to both the existing building and the streetscape


THAT the Commission support the proposed renovations to 375 Keary Street.

The owners of 375 Keary Street will be forwarded a letter confirming the Commission’s support of the proposed renovations.

The delegates left the meeting.


New Business

1.      Columbia Street Historic Area Revitalization Initiatives

2.      Report on the Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference Highlights

3.      Update 628 Royal Avenue – St. Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church

4.      411 and 413 Twelfth Street

5.      Library Summer Heritage Initiatives

6.      Nomination of the Galbraith House for a Georgia Award 


THAT the items added to the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for June 28, 2000 be accepted 


The Chair noted that at the June 26th Council Meeting there was some concern with the wording of the item on Member report on Heritage Home Tour, May 28, 2000 (Page 4, New Business, Item 1) and noted that this item should be referred back to the Commission for further liaison with the Heritage Preservation Society. 

The Commission further discussed the possibility of hosting a separate home tour reflecting structures built in the 1940s to 1960s and also consider including new and industrial buildings; and that a meeting be held with the Heritage Preservation Society to explore opportunities to expand their own home tour. 


THAT the Community Heritage Commission write a letter to the Heritage Preservation Society commending them on their very successful home tour and requesting a meeting with them to explore opportunities to expand their Home Tour to include more contemporary buildings. 


THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held June 06, 2000 be adopted as amended.


1.      Heritage Promotion of New Westminster Newspaper Column – member updates

Leslie Gilbert reported that Ron Clancy has advised that the heritage promotion of New Westminster newspaper column is still on hold because of internal changes within The Record.  

2.      307 Fourth Avenue – status update

Leslie Gilbert reported that Strategic Services has liaised with the owner of 307 Fourth Avenue regarding the removal of abandoned cars from the front yard and general maintenance of the property, but has not obtained any results.  The City has contracted a company to clean the yard and the billing will be included on the owner’s taxes.  The interior of the house will also be inspected as there are health and safety issues.

3.      Heritage Endowment Program – verbal update

The deadline for applications for funding from the Heritage Endowment Program has been extended to noon June 30, 2000.  Ten high calibre applications have been received to date.  The Committee, including Roger Nottingham, as Chair, Evelyn Benson and Rick Molstad, will meet on July 6th to review the applications and recommendations will be presented to Council at their July 10th meeting.


1.      Contemporary  Heritage Home Tour – letter to Christopher Bell

A draft letter to the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society regarding the Heritage Home Tour was discussed.  It was agreed that the letter should be addressed to the President commending them for another successful Heritage Home Tour and requesting a meeting to discuss expanding the home tour in a way that would not compete with the existing tour.  The Commission could organize a separate Home Tour of: 1) structures built in the City between the 1940’s and the 1960’s;  2) submissions which have been reviewed by the Heritage Commission; or 3) nominees (winners) from the Royal City Builders’ Award in the heritage categories.

2.      DOCOMOMO – request for information

Leslie Gilbert advised that a request has been received from the organization DOCOMOMO requesting information/ideas respecting modern structures built in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1970’s.  Docomomo International (Society for the DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the MOdern MOvement) was established in the Netherlands in 1988 and currently has 35 active working parties worldwide.  It publishes a periodical; organizes conferences and workshops, and actively promotes the preservation of structures and landscapes from the modern era (generally 1920's to present). Any information is to be referred to staff.

3.      Columbia Street Historic Area Revitalization Initiatives

The Chair reported that Council had approved initiatives to revitalize Columbia Street modeled after Victoria’s Downtown plan.  The area includes Columbia Street between Fourth and Eighth and bounded by Clarkson Street and Front Street.  The Downtown initiative is a multi-faceted approach designed to respond to the unique needs of the Columbia Street Heritage area. The area will be rezoned to a Comprehensive Development Zone (C-8) which will provide greater flexibility.  A copy of the Columbia Street Historic Area Revitalization Initiatives: Overview and Status Report will be forwarded to Commission members.

4.      Heritage Society of BC Annual Conference - Victoria

Leslie Gilbert circulated her notes on the Conference Highlights.

5.      628 Royal Avenue, St. Paul’s Reformed Episcopal Church – update

Exterior painting has commenced at 628 Royal Avenue, a municipally designated heritage building.  The Planning Department has contracted Eric Pattison of Decosse Pattison Architects to provide research and assistance with respect to paint colours and code issues.  A delegate from St. Paul’s has been asked to report back to the Commission once details are finalized. 

6.      411 – 413 Twelfth Street

Photos were circulated of the two vacant rental properties at 411-413 Twelfth Street, both of which are listed are on the City’s Heritage Resource Inventory. The garages on each property are presently the subject of police investigations. 

There was concern by members of the Commission that demolition may be requested since the owner apparently is not willing to put any investment into the property.

Roger Nottingham agreed to look at the status of the other neighbouring buildings on that block.

Leslie Gilbert will organize a tour of 411-413 Twelfth Street which will include Councillors Chuck Puchmayr and Jerry Dobrovolny, Ross Morris and Roger Nottingham.

It was suggested to search the web for a possible market for people looking for this type of heritage housing and/or movers who may want to move for relocation or storage.

7.      Library Summary Initiatives

Information was circulated drafted from Ron Clancy, City Librarian, advising that the Library is hiring summer students to set up a website of heritage photographs and related walking tours.

8.      Application for Georgie Awards – Galbraith House

The Commission was advised that 131 Eighth Street (Galbraith House) will be nominated for a Georgie Award for heritage restoration.


1.      Correspondence to Mary Anne Wise of 314 Regina Street

2.      Eleventh Annual Clayburn Village Heritage Day – July 23, 2000

3.      New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter June 2000


THAT the correspondence be received.


Call of the Chair


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Certified Correct,





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