November 1, 2000 – 4:34 p.m.

Committee Room No. 2


PRESENT:   Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair

                        Marlene Blair

                        Roger Nottingham

                        Carol Cheremkora

                        Lynn Radbourne

                        Ross Morris

                        Jack Bass

REGRETS:   Councillor Bob Osterman

                        Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny

                        Ron Clancy, City Librarian

                        Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House

STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert, Assistant Director of Planning

                        Clair Lee, Committee Clerk


1.                  Mr. Sweeney & Ms. Dube, 421 Wilson Street, proposed rear addition.

The Chair reviewed the delegation process for the meeting.

Mr. Sweeney, father of Ms. Dube (owner), discussed the proposed rear addition for 421 Wilson Street.  The drawings for the addition on the main and second floors were included in the meeting agenda.  Photographs of the current home were circulated as well as photographs of the home taken from the front and rear.

The owners intend to retain the current style of the house while adding living area to the back of the house.  Exterior building materials will be salvaged and reused as much as possible.  New building materials will be matched closely to existing materials.  The exterior colour of the new addition will be matched to the present color.  The owner also pointed out that they do not intend to proceed with installing two glass block windows as presented in the plans.

This application does not include any variances to the Zoning Bylaw.

The only concern raised by members was the proposed sliding glass door located on the south side of the home.  The delegates advised that other alternatives to the sliding glass door are currently being explored.

The delegates left the meeting at 4:50 p.m.

There was further discussion by the Commission.


THAT the Commission supports the proposed addition to 421 Wilson Street.

The owners of 421 Wilson Street will be forwarded a letter confirming the Commission’s support of the proposed addition.




THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for November 1, 2000 be accepted.



THAT the Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held October 19, 2000 and the Notes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held October 4, 2000 be adopted.


1.      Sub-Committee evaluation of 47 Merivale Street, Nidarose Church:  application to demolish (formal application brought on table).

Staff distributed the formal application to the Commission to demolish both the Nidarose Church and parish house.

The sub-committee’s evaluation was reviewed.  The Building Sub-Committee reported that the parish house, which was built in the 1940s, had limited redeeming heritage merit, except the hardwood floors.  The Nidarose Church, although built in 1927 and listed on the City’s Heritage Inventory, is in poor physical condition and is of limited heritage value.  The Sub-Committee noted that the stained glass windows and hardwood floors were worthy of salvaging.


THAT a demolition permit be granted for the Nidarose Church and parish house at 216-220 Carnarvon Street;

THAT the Heritage Preservation Society be permitted to salvage any useable heritage materials from the demolition site; and

THAT the developer be requested to install a plaque or sketch on the development site acknowledging the site as the former Nidarose Church site.


1.                  Verbal update on the Philpott Playhouse proposal.

Staff verbally updated the members of the Commission regarding the status of the Philpott Playhouse.  The restoration is currently being completed by students enrolled in the Discovery to Apprenticeship program. 

A site for the Playhouse has yet to be determined.  An interior site would be ideal in order to protect the extensive restoration work currently underway. 

Staff to explore the options available and report back to the Commission.

2.                  Verbal report from Planner on International Downtown Association Conference, September 16 – 19, 2000

This report will be carried over to next month’s meeting.


1.                  Planning for Heritage Week events, February 18 – 24, 2001.

A Sub-Committee consisting of Marlene Blair, Carol Cheremkora and Lynn Radbourne has been formed to assist staff.  Discussion ensued regarding possible cost saving measures such as partnerships and the possibility of charging fees. 

These options are to be explored by staff.

2.                  Vancouver Heritage Newsletter:  artist sketches for fundraising.

This item has been brought forward for further discussion from the meeting of October 19, 2000.  There was discussion regarding the possibility of organizing a similar fundraiser to the one advertised in the Vancouver Heritage Newsletter.  A location to display the artists’ sample sketches needs to be secured.  A mobile display throughout the City was suggested.  Artists to participate in this fundraiser may be located by contacting local art supply stores.  Advertising costs could be offset by using the City Page, BIA Newsletter and Chamber Newsletter as sources.

Suggested recipients of the money raised through this fundraiser could be the museum, heritage week and the library website.  Staff will explore options regarding the Commission raising funds and report back.    

3.                  Federal tax incentives for the rehabilitation of heritage buildings.

A letter regarding federal tax incentives for the rehabilitation of heritage buildings written by the City of Victoria was circulated in the agenda package.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission supports the City of Victoria’s initiative promoting federal tax incentives for the rehabilitation of heritage buildings.

4.                  New Westminster Public Library 1865 – 2000 Celebrations.

All members agreed that the celebration activities were successful.

5.                  Candlelight Tribute for Heritage Week.

Staff informed members that this item has been included for information only.  The event will occur at the Memorial Plaza in front of City Hall.  A Sense of History consultants are organizing a memorial candle light vigil for Heritage Week.


1.                  Letter re:  Street Naming for Thompson’s Landing.

2.                  Letter to Rev’d Dorrington, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 628 Royal Avenue.

3.                  Letter to New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society re:  additional heritage home tour.

4.                  Letter to Mr. Jack Falk re:  exterior alterations to 107 College Court.

5.                  Letter to Ms. Angela Hemphill re:  sketch portrait of Heritage Shield winner.

6.                  Letter to New Westminster Heritage Foundation re:  funding interior lot line removal.

7.                  New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter for September 2000.

8.                  Press Release:  New Westminster selected as Silver Finalist in the 2000 Georgie Awards.

9.                  “Criteria for National Historic Significance”, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada – information item.

10.             Heritage Society of B.C. Newsletter, Summer 2000.

11.             Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd. Architectural and Historical Conference in Vancouver, October 13 – 15, 2000.

12.             North Shore Heritage Weekend brochure, 2000.

13.             City of Richmond Heritage Inventory website.

14.             Around City Hall, City of New Westminster – A Self-Guided Walking Tour.

15.             Excerpts from Heritage magazine, Fall 2000.

16.             “Seal-it” advertisement.

17.             Excerpt from Royal City Living magazine, October 2000.


THAT the correspondence be received.

Re Item 6:

Staff indicated that no response has been received from the New Westminster Heritage Foundation. 

Re Item 2:

Staff reported that the paint has all been donated as well as the painting labour to complete the work at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 628 Royal Avenue.   The Church received a provincial grant to repair the roof.  The Bishop appreciated receiving the fundraising suggestion put forward by the Commission last month.


Wednesday, December 6, 2000 4:30 p.m. at Forever Amber’s Restaurant, 26A Fourth Street, New Westminster.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

                                                                                                    Certified Correct,




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