December 6, 2000 – 4:44 p.m.

Forever Amber’s Restaurant

26A – Fourth Street


PRESENT:   Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, Chair
                        Marlene Blair
                        Roger Nottingham
                        Carol Cheremkora
                        Lynn Radbourne
                        Ross Morris
                        Jack Bass

REGRETS:   Councillor Bob Osterman
                        Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
                        Ron Clancy, City Librarian
                        Jacqueline O’Donnell, Manager, Irving House

STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert, Assistant Director of Planning
                        Clair Lee, Committee Clerk


1.                  Leslie & Jason Parker and Les Stevenson of Stevenson Design Works, re: plans for replacement house at 211 Fourth Street.

The delegates, Leslie and Jason Parker, introduced themselves as the new owners of 211 Fourth Street.  The Parkers stated that they had not formally submitted a demolition application, but would appreciate feedback from the Commission on the design for the replacement house.  Although they examined options to retain the existing house, the owners concluded that it would not be suitable for their growing family.

Staff distributed a handout containing photographs and information on the current dwelling.

The exterior of the replacement home would have Victorian elements, which the owners feel would complement the neighbourhood.  The delegates confirmed that vinyl siding will not be used, as identified on the plans, and that wood clapboard siding would be used instead.  The windows will be wood frame with some stained glass.  A variance of approximately one foot in height may be needed.

Elements of the current dwelling that would be salvaged and reused in the proposed replacement home included the inside doors and associated hardware, the exterior pillars and to incorporate the metal grates inside the home.

The footprint of the home will remain the same but the proposed height would increase.  In addition, the new house would be located closer to the front lot line, as the current setback is 35 feet.  The delegates have not yet spoken to their neighbours regarding the proposed replacement home. 

The Chair reviewed the delegation process for the meeting and advised the delegates that they had the option of remaining for the rest of the meeting or leaving anytime.  The delegates left the meeting at 5:02 p.m.


1.      New Committee Members under New Business Additions, item 1.

2.      Historical Plaques under New Business Additions, item 2.

3.      Demolitions and New Construction under New Business Additions, item 3.

4.      Discussion of Delegation (211 Fourth Street) under New Business Additions, item 4.


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for December 6, 2000 be accepted.



THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held November 1, 2000 be adopted.


1.      Verbal update on the demolition application of the Nidarose Church, 216 – 218 Carnarvon Street and 47 Merivale Street.

In November, Council received an application to demolish the Nidarose Church and the matter was referred back to staff to prepare a restrictive covenant regarding the future development of the property.  The church currently sits on property that is zoned for multi-family dwelling however being a church; they do not pay taxes.  The market price for the church and its property reflects commercial/residential type pricing.  Staff agreed to research the history of the zoning of this property.

The Commission reaffirmed their position with respect to approving the demolition of the Church.  A restrictive covenant has been drafted which will be registered on title, with approval of the owners, to include the provisions recommended by the Commission as well as requesting that a special development permit be obtained prior to demolition.  Staff will be forwarding the restrictive covenant to Council in January 2001 for approval.

2.      Reminder re:     Heritage Endowment Grant applications (deadline January 26, 2001).

An advertisement regarding the Heritage Endowment Grant applications will be placed both in The Leader and on the “City News Page” in the Record.  The Community Heritage Commission members were asked to make note of the deadline.

3.      Notes from the International Downtown Association Conference, September 16 – 19, 2000 session on Rehabilitation Building Codes.

Staff referred to notes on the International Downtown Association conference recently attended, selecting highlights that have relevance to New Westminster.  It was noted that the International Downtown Association session in 2004 would be held in Vancouver. 


1.      Royal Westminster Regiment Armoury Courtyard Proposal.

City Council has agreed to assist in funding of the Royal Westminster Regiment Armoury Courtyard proposal after other fundraising avenues have been pursued.  At the same time, Council directed staff to investigate the heritage status of the building including the option to designate it as a municipal heritage property.  There are different requirements for designation at a federal level.  


THAT staff pursue the requirements for designating the Royal Westminster Armoury at a federal level including where the building currently stands on their point system as the Commission feels that there is merit in placing it in the higher federal category.

2.  Realtylink Article:  Determining the Authenticity of Heritage Homes.  (Roger Nottingham)

The information on the article was explained by Roger Nottingham.  It is available to the public.

3. Notes from Heritage Planners and Professionals 2000 Annual Meeting, November 30, 2000.

Staff commented on the productive and informative session at the 2000 Annual Meeting of Heritage Planners and Professionals.  The event included an overview of the recent initiative to establish a national register of historic places. 

Members discussed updating New Westminster’s Heritage Register next year.  It was noted that Richmond’s recently updated Heritage Register is only available on the web. 


THAT the Community Heritage Commission recognizes that the current inventory is out of date and inadequate and that staff explore the costs to upgrade.

4.      Verbal Update on the Restoration and Possible Temporary Relocation of the Philpott Playhouse (Planner).

Staff updated the Commission on the restoration of the Philpott Playhouse by students in the Discovery to Apprenticeship program.  The Westminster Quay Public Market has expressed interest in having the restored Playhouse inside as a display.  It was discussed that the Playhouse could house the Marshall doll collection in the future as part of the City’s museum.


1.      New Committee Members

Commission members were advised by the Chair that Council appointed community members on recommendation by the Mayor.  This is the first year that the Mayor did not make the appointments.  The members who are not re-appointed may still assist with Heritage Week.

2.      Historical Plaques

Members discussed the possibility of installing historic plaques on buildings in the downtown area, which could become part of a walking tour and noted on a brochure. The text of the plaques could be provided by Archie Miller and the owners of the commercial buildings could be approached to pay for the plaques and their mounting.

3.  Demolitions and New Construction

Commission members expressed their concern regarding the demolition and construction of additions to homes that do not come before the Commission, for example: 137 Richman, 818 Fourth Street and 6th Avenue and Cumberland Street.  Staff explained that not all applications for demolitions or proposed additions come before the Commission, rather the referral is at the discretion of the Director of Planning, in accordance with existing Council policy.

3.      Discussion of Delegation, 211 Fourth Street.

The Commission members expressed concern regarding the possible demolition of the existing house, which is listed on the City’s heritage inventory.  Other alternatives to the demolition are to be explored by staff including the relocation of the existing building.  Staff was also asked to contact the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society to seek assistance, if amenable to the delegates.

Staff has been requested to contact the owners of 211 Fourth Street to forward the concerns of the Commission with respect to the proposed demolition.



1.                  Workshop “Implementing Heritage Conservation Standards,” SFU Harbour Centre, February 23, 2000.

2.                  Notice of Vancouver’s Second Annual Heritage and Antiques Fair, March 24 & 25, 2001.

3.                  “Mouth of the Fraser” Newsletter of the Richmond Community Heritage Commission.

4.                  New Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, November 2000.

5.                  Letter of appreciation from the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

6.                  Letter to Ms. Bev Dube, re: exterior alternations to 421 Wilson Street.


THAT the correspondence be received.


Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at 4:30 p.m. in Committee Room 2.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

                                                                                                    Certified Correct,




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