January 10, 2001 – 4:41 p.m.

Committee Room 2


PRESENT:   Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny, Acting Chair

                        Councillor Betty McIntosh

                        Marlene Blair

                        Katrine Ireland

                        Robert Johnson

                        Ted Syverson

                        Jack Bass

                        Ross Morris

                        Jacqueline O’Donnell

                        Ron Clancy

REGRETS:   Councillor Chuck Puchmayr

                        Roger Nottingham


STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert, Assistant Director of Planning

                        Clair Lee, Committee Clerk


1.      Mr. Brian Nisbet, Brow-of-the-Hill Residents’ Association, re:  Neighbourhood Street Markers.

Mr. Nisbet introduced himself to the Commission.  He explained that the Brow-of-the-Hill and Quayside Residents’ Associations were considering street markers as part of the celebration for the new millennium.

Mr. Nisbet circulated sketches of sample street markers that could be stamped in concrete when new sidewalks or curb bulges were being poured.  The proposed size of the stamp would be approximately 12” in diameter.”  Mr. Nisbet is aware of a business in Vancouver that does this type of work.  He believes these street markers could be used to denote the City’s unique neighbourhoods.

Commission members discussed the idea of street markers with Mr. Nisbet present. 


THAT staff refer the proposed monograms to a graphics professional to refine the design of the stamp and then to the Engineering Department for review.

The delegate left the meeting at 4:51 p.m.


1.      Proposal for Heritage Revitalization at 822 Kennedy Street, as item 6 under New Business.

2.      Letter from the owners of 1014 Cornwall Street requesting Heritage Designation, as item 7 under New Business.

3.      Information sessions on “Restoring an Older Home,” as item 5 under Correspondence and Information Items.


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for January 10, 2001 be accepted.


1.      Verbal update on the demolition application of the Nidarose Church, 216 – 218 Carnarvon Street and 47 Merivale Street.

A restrictive convenant has been drafted to include the items highlighted by the Commission to be included in the redevelopment.  The covenant is currently being reviewed by the Catholic Diocese for approval.  Staff confirmed that a demolition permit has not been issued and that the City may be open to considering other alternatives in the meantime, but no commitments have been made.

2.      Verbal update on the proposed demolition of 211 Fourth Street.

Staff reported that the owners of 211 Fourth Street have not made a formal demolition application.  A phone call was made to the owners following the December meeting expressing the Commission’s concerns regarding the demolition of a heritage building on the inventory and the design of the proposed new home was made.  The owners have indicated that they are in the process of revisiting the architectural plans for the replacement house. 

3.      Royal Westminster Regiment Armoury:  Letter requesting that the federal government raise the heritage status of the Armoury.

(a)   Information on federal heritage designations.

(b)  Letter requesting that the federal government raise the heritage status of the Armoury.

Commission members commented on the draft letter regarding the heritage status of the Armoury and agreed that it be released.  Members suggested that the letter be addressed to the Honourable Sheila Copps and be signed by Mayor Sparkes.  A copy of the letter should be sent to Mr. Tom Lee, David Anderson, Paul Forseth, Graeme Bowbrick, and B.C. Building Corporation.



1.      Community Heritage Commission Meeting Dates for 2001.

It was indicated that the meeting dates were mistakenly dated as 2000, however the actual dates are correct.

2.  Community Heritage Commission Membership List for 2001.

The Chair requested that all members check the membership list (including their name, address and contact numbers) for accuracy and to forward any changes to the Committee Clerk.

3.  Community Heritage Enabling Bylaw.

Staff explained that the bylaw was included in the agenda as members did not receive it with their letter of appointment.  The Chair explained that according to the bylaw anytime the Commission passes a motion that would require a substantial allocation of staff time, the motion would need to go to Council for approval.  It was suggested that staff workload could be alleviated through the formation of subcommittees.  Councillor McIntosh reminded the Commission about the importance of a quorum.

4.      Demolition and New Construction; verbal follow-up from last meeting.

Staff explained the procedure of obtaining a demolition permit.  An application is made to the Building Department who then forward it to the Planning Department.  If the building is on the Heritage Inventory, it will go to Council who will then refer it through staff to the Commission to report on the heritage merit of the proposal.  If the building is over fifty years old but not on the inventory, it is at the discretion of the Director of Planning, in accordance with exiting Council policy, to refer the demolition to the Commission.  Members of the Commission would prefer to see all demolition permits, whether the building is on the inventory or not.

It was discussed that the Queen’s Park design guidelines and inventory be available on the City’s website.  The question of whether the inventory should be updated first was raised.  The Commission was receptive to the idea of a phased project for a summer student.  A March deadline was noted for applications to “Young Canada Works” and “Heritage Canada.”


THAT staff explore options, costs and grants available to update the current inventory.  

5.      Heritage Week, February 19 - 25, 2001; discussion of planned events.

The date for Heritage Awards Ceremony was discussed.  Since there is no Council on Monday, February 26 following Heritage Week, the options for the awards ceremony are either at the March 5th Council or having a special meeting on February 26th

Members of the Commission agreed to have the Burr as an ongoing theme for all Heritage Week contests.  The children in the colouring contest will colour the exterior of the Burr.  The children in the design contest will be asked to design a “Heritage Play” for the Burr.  The play could be a drawing, collage or constructed like a shadow box.  It was suggested that it would be beneficial for the children to have an opportunity to take a field trip to the Burr before starting their design.  Information regarding the Burr Family will be included with the details of the colouring and design contests to the schools.  The Burr theme will continue in the poetry contest.

6.  Proposal for Heritage Revitalization at 822 Kennedy Street.

Staff informed members of a potential proposal to move the home located at 1017 Cornwall Street  to 822 Kennedy Street.  It would be a two block move and the owner of 822 Kennedy Street (the applicant) expressed a commitment to designate both homes.  There was some concern regarding what would replace the home on Cornwall Street.  No formal application has been received by the City.

7.      Letter from the owners of 1014 Cornwall Street requesting Heritage Designation.

Staff advised members of the receipt of a letter from the owners from 1014 Cornwall Street requesting heritage designation.  A copy of the letter was distributed to the Commission and an album with photos of the home in all states (before renovations, during renovations and after renovations) was circulated.  A subcommittee consisting of Marlene Blair, Roger Nottingham, Ross Morris, Jacqueline O’Donnell, & Robert Johnson has been formed to determine the heritage merit of the home.



1.                  Workshop “Implementing Heritage Conservation Standards” SFU Habour Centre, February 23, 2000.

2.                  Letter of appreciation to Amber Anderson.

3.                  “District Dormers and Doorways” Newsletter of the District of North Vancouver Community Heritage Commission.

4.                  New  Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, December, 2000.

5.                  Information sessions on “Restoring an Older Home.”


THAT the correspondence be received.


Wednesday, February 7, 2001 at 4:30 p.m. in Committee Room 2.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

                                                                                                    Certified Correct,




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