February 7, 2001 – 4:36 p.m.

Committee Room 2


PRESENT:   Councillor Chuck Puchmayr
                        Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny
                        Councillor Betty McIntosh
                        Marlene Blair
                        Katrine Ireland
                        Roger Nottingham
                        Ted Syverson
                        Jack Bass
                        Ross Morris
                        Jacqueline O’Donnell
                       Ron Clancy

REGRETS:   Robert Johnson


STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert, Assistant Director of Planning
                        Clair Lee, Committee Clerk


1.      Christopher & Michelle Stier, 1032 Cornwall Street; potential Heritage Revitalization Agreement (plans to be circulated on table).

Staff advised that the delegates have postponed their presentation to the Commission until next month.  This item will be carried over to the March agenda.

2.      Eric Pattison, re:  application to designate the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre.

Mr. Pattison, President of the Raymond Burr Society, spoke to the Society’s application to designate the theatre as a municipal heritage site.  Prior to holding their first performance in December 2000, the Burr Society purchased back the original seats from a theatre in Langley.  The last live show in the Centre was in 1952.

The Burr Society intends to:

q       stabilize and improve the Centre

q       expand productions, and

q       more aggressively fundraise.

Currently the Society is working to restore the murals on the ceilings.  (Mr. Pattison circulated photographs, historic and of today, of the Centre to Commission members).  Funding applications have been submitted to the Heritage Endowment Grant as well as the BC Heritage Trust, however the building requires designation first. 

Mr. Pattison stated that Phase II would involve the restoration of the façade on Columbia Street.

The Chair thanked Mr. Pattison for attending.  The delegate left at 4:47 p.m.



1.      Formation of a Sub-Committee to determine the heritage merit of the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre, under New Business #4.

2.      BCBC Coporate Heritage Policy, under Unfinished Business #4.

3.      Nidarose Church, under Unfinished Business #5.

4.      2001 Year of the Volunteer, under New Business #5.

5.      Heritage Designation Ceremony, under New Business #6.


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for February 7, 2001 be accepted.


It was noted that Mr. Syverson’s name was omitted from the list of present members in the January 10, 2001 minutes.


THAT the minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held January 10, 2001 be adopted as amended to include Mr. Syverson as present.


THAT the minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held December 6, 2000 be adopted.


1.      Planning for Heritage Week (February 19 – 25, 2001)

a)     Verbal update by Planner

b)     Copy of letters sent to schools

c)     Copy of colouring contest poster

d)     Copy of information poster

Staff informed the Commission that packages consisting of an information letter, copies of the colouring poster and copies of the information poster have already been distributed to the schools.  Request for volunteers to assist in judging the entries on Friday, February 23rd was put forth.  Marlene Blair and Jack Bass volunteered to assist.  Marlene suggested that staff also contact Carol Cheremkora and Lynn Radbourne, who were both on the Commission last year, to see if they are still interested in assisting with Heritage Week. 

Jack Bass, Councillor Puchmayr and Ted Syverson volunteered to assist in poster distribution.  Jacqueline and Ron agreed to display the poster at the museum and library. 

Councillors Dobrovolny and McIntosh indicated that they would both be present to assist Councillor Puchmayr at the awards presentation on March 5th as well as Katrine Ireland. 

The Commission was advised that McDonald’s Restaurant of Canada and Royal City Centre have come forward as major prize sponsors this year.  Eighty letters requesting sponsorship were sent out at the end of January. 

2.      Royal Westminster Regimental Armoury

a)     Legal opinion on the authority for the City to designate;

b)     Letter to Sheila Copps, Minister of Canadian Heritage.

3.      Candlelight Tribute Event – Information.

Information on the ceremony was included in the agenda package.  The ceremony is on Monday, February 19th at 6:00 p.m. prior to Council.  The ceremony will be held annually.

4.      BCBC Corporate Heritage Policy.

Councillor Puchmayr handed out copies of the BCBC Corporate Heritage Policy he received from the BCBC.

Commission members agreed that it would be useful to have a copy of the Kalman criteria for heritage evaluation in next month’s agenda package. 

Further discussion ensued regarding the future of the Woodlands site and the Armoury (which is owned by the federal government but managed by BCBC).  Commission members would like to find out what buildings are listed in BCBC’s heritage inventory, as well as their building classifications.  Commission members discussed possible risks and liabilities associated with a lower level of government designating a provincial building. 

The Commission requested that a tour of the site to be arranged for the benefit of new members.


THAT staff include the Kalman Criteria in next month’s agenda package;

THAT staff further research BCBC’s Corporate Heritage Policy;

THAT staff contact the City’s solicitor for a more in-depth legal opinion; and

THAT staff arrange a tour of the Woodlands site for the benefit of new Commission members.

5.      Nidarose Church.

Staff informed the Commission that the matter of the demolition permit of the Nidarose Church has been referred back to the Commission from Council for an exploration of possible options.

The site is currently zoned as RM-6 (multi-family) which attributes to its high market value.  This high cost is problematic for smaller congregations who have expressed interest in purchasing the Church.  The property currently includes three parcels of land and the Church building is on one.  The possibility to develop on two parcels was discussed.    

Rezoning as an option was discussed.  Council legally has the ability to rezone if in the interest of the community.  The current zoning of RM-6 was introduced by Council in 1989 in that portion of the downtown. 

A second option of moving the Church building to another location, for example a dead end street closure, was discussed.  The structural stability of the Church building was questioned.  Staff informed the Commission that the Catholic Diocese may be willing to make the Church building available for relocation.

The Sub-Committee that inspected the Nidarose Church reiterated their opinion that the building has limited heritage value.  The Sub-Committee suggested that it would be worthwhile for the Mayor, Councillors and other Commission members view the Church to better make an informed decision.


THAT staff arrange a tour of the Nidarose Church available for the Mayor, Councillors and other Commission members;

THAT staff compile a list of potential City owned sites onto which the City could move heritage buildings; and

THAT the Community Heritage Commission reiterated its position that the Nidarose Church has limited heritage value.


1.      Application from owner Jim Wolf to designate 217 Ninth Street as a municipal heritage property.

A request was received from the owner of 217 Ninth Street to designate the dwelling as a municipal heritage site. 


THAT a sub-committee consisting of Roger Nottingham (Chair), Marlene Blair, Katrine Ireland, Ross Morris, and Councillor Puchmayr arrange a site visit to determine the heritage merit of 217 Ninth Street.

2.  Nominations to the Provincial Heritage Awards Program.

Staff advised the Commission of the upcoming awards and for members to consider possible nominations.  Last year the Galbraith House won Outstanding Achievement – Heritage Restoration.  It was suggested that the New Westminster Public Library Heritage Website be considered for a nomination and 150 anniversary celebrations. 

Staff agreed to forward information regarding the Provincial Heritage Awards Program to the Preservation Society for their AGM on February 19th

3.      1014 Cornwall Street, Building Sub-Committee Inspection, verbal report & discussion.

The Sub-Committee attended 1014 Cornwall Street on January 20th for inspection.  The building is not grand but contains plenty of originals, for example the casings and bathroom.  The size of the home is unusual at 800 square feet.  It is an Arts and Craft style and is situated in a mixed neighbourhood.  


THAT heritage designation of 1014 Cornwall Street be recommended to Council.  Staff to forward a report to Council. 

4.      Formation of a Sub-Committee to determine the heritage merit of the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre.


THAT a Sub-Committee determine the heritage merit of the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre.

5.      2001 Year of the Volunteer.

Staff informed members of the Commission that 2001 is the Year of the Volunteer. The Mayor would like photographs taken of the many individuals who volunteer in the City of New Westminster.  The Heritage Commission’s activities RCBA, Heritage Week, building subcommittee, and heritage designations were suggested as photo opportunities.

6.  Heritage Designation Ceremony.

Staff invited Commission members to the heritage designation ceremony taking place on Saturday, February 24th from 3 to 5 p.m.  Staff will forward this information to the Preservation Society for their AGM on February 19th.  The ceremonies are for plaque unveilings for the two most recent heritage designations of 827 Sixteenth Street and 435 Third Street.

[Note:  the ceremony is now scheduled for Sunday, February 25th from 3 to 5 p.m.]



1.                  New  Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, January 2001.

2.                  Workshop “Conservation of Heritage Resources”  SFU at Harbour Centre, Friday, February 23, 2001.

3.                  Heritage Canada, Winter 2001 article “The Suburb as Heritage”.

4.                  Heritage Canada, Winter 2001 article, “Nine New National Historic Sites Designated”.

5.                  Vancouver Sun, Saturday, January 20, 2001 in “Mix” editorial section, Letter on the historic renovation of Vancouver Specials.


THAT the correspondence be received.


The Chair opened the discussion to any other concerns or matters Commission members may have. 

1.                  Heritage Revitalization Agreement.

The property at 403 St. George Street is currently advertised as having “development potential” in a real estate listing.  Commission members expressed concerns over this description as this property the subject of a HRA.  Staff advised the Commission that the zoning remains but the HRA bylaw overrules the zoning in a HRA.  Staff to report back to the Commission regarding this specific property.

2.                  Status of the Community Heritage Commission Viewing All Demolitions.

Commission members reiterated their position regarding their preference to view all demolition permits. 


THAT staff forward a report to Council regarding the Community Heriage Commission’s preference to view all demolition permits.

3.                  Procedure Regarding Building New Garages on Heritage Homes.

The Commission questioned whether policy/procedure had changed regarding the building of new garages on heritage homes.  Staff responded that it had not.  It was noted that two homes, one at Sixth Avenue & Third Street and the second at Second Street & Peele, both had new garages.  Both additions are of heritage design and fit well with the home, however the Commission wondered why the designs were not viewed at the Community Heritage Commission meetings.

Staff will look into the matter and advise why the designs for the two garage additions were not previewed by the Community Heritage Commission.

4.                  211 Fourth Street.

Commission members expressed the need for a procedure for demolitions.  Members felt that since the owners of 211 Fourth Street were permitted to come forward with their design for a replacement house, it downplayed the importance of the demolition of a building listed on the Heritage Registry Inventory.  The Commission felt that once a demolition application is received, a Sub-Committee tour should be completed first to determine the heritage merit of the existing building. 

5.                  “Implementing Heritage Conservation Standards” Workshop, SFU Harbour Center.

Commission members were reminded of the upcoming “Implementing Heritage Conservation” Workshop at SFU Harbour Centre on Friday, February 23, 2001.  Information regarding this workshop was included in last month’s agenda package. 


THAT staff request funding for Community Heritage Commission members interested in attending the “Implementing Heritage Conservation Standards” Workshop at SFU Harbour Centre on February 23, 2001.

(Post Meeting Note:  A memo has been sent to the City Administrator outlining this matter).


Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 4:30 p.m. in Committee Room 2.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

                                                                                                    Certified Correct,




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