March 7, 2001 – 4:39 p.m.

Committee Room 2


PRESENT:   Councillor Chuck Puchmayr

Councillor Jerry Dobrovolny

                        Councillor Betty McIntosh

                        Marlene Blair

                        Katrine Ireland

                        Roger Nottingham

                        Ted Syverson

                        Robert Johnson

                        Ross Morris

                        Jacqueline O’Donnell

                        Ron Clancy

REGRETS:   Jack Bass


STAFF:          Leslie Gilbert, Assistant Director of Planning

                        Clair Lee, Committee Clerk


1.      Application to Demolish 1017 Cornwall Street, Jon and Brenda Fairfax.

The chair reviewed the delegation process.  Owners Jon and Brenda Fairfax advised the Commission that they have resided in New Westminster for five years and now intend to build their dream home at 1013 – 1017 Cornwall Street.  Architectural plans of the home were included in the members’ package and the owners circulated additional materials at the meeting.

At present, a four unit apartment building (addressed as 1017 Cornwall Street) and a small home (addressed as 1013 Cornwall Street) are situated on the 110 ft. wide x 132 ft. deep property.  At one time, the lot consisted of two parcels but was consolidated into a single property for a proposed redevelopment. 

The owners have attempted to relocate the house, constructed in 1900 and listed on the Heritage Resource Inventory, to a nearby property.  It would be cost prohibitive to move the house, which is relatively small at 1100 square feet in area and is in poor physical condition.  The owners indicated that they intended to reuse some building materials from the house and other materials would be offered to the community.

The owners reviewed the drawings for their proposed Queen Anne style home.  The total area of the home would be approximately 6,500 sq. ft. The exterior of the home is designed in a Queen Anne style with two turrets and a wide front porch.  Other features include gingerbread trim and other details in keeping with the heritage style. The house would be painted using a historic paint palette of four colours.  They also intend to heat the house using geothermal energy.  A height variance will be required due to the pitch of the Queen Anne style roof.  Mr. and Mrs. Fairfax have sent out information packages to their surrounding neighbours and have not received any negative feedback regarding their plans.

The delegates left at 4:56 p.m.

Sub-committee members noted that they previously viewed the exterior of the house at 1017 Cornwall Street and that it would not be necessary to review the heritage merit of the house again.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission does not object to the proposed demolition of the home at 1013 Cornwall Street; and

THAT any useable heritage materials from the demolition site be offered to the community through the Brow-of-the-Hill Residents’ Association.

2.  Application to Rezone 313 Warren Street to RS-6, Ron Unger.

The Unger family has resided at 313 Warren Street for seven years.  The house, built in 1904, is not listed on the Heritage Resource Inventory.  It features two bedrooms upstairs and four rooms on the main floor plus an enclosed sun room.  There is no basement to the house, only a crawlspace.  The owners removed stucco siding and restored the wooden clapboard siding several years ago.   The family now requires additional space and wish to enlarge the house.

The owners intend to demolish a rear addition that was completed in the 1950’s and build a new addition that would include a full basement. The exterior of the addition would be complementary to the current home.  The owners intend to include a secondary suite in the basement.  Parking on the site currently consists of one legally non-conforming tandem space situated on the side yard.  The owners are requesting a parking variance for the secondary suite to waive the requirement of a parking space.  

The delegate left at 5:05 p.m.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission does not object to the proposed rezoning to RS-6 for 313 Warren Street.

3.       Heritage Assessment Report for 211 Fourth Street, Eric Pattison.

Eric Pattison, architect, introduced himself and Leslie Parker, owner of 211 Fourth Street.  Mr. Pattison summarized the Heritage Assessment Report which was included in Commission Members’ agenda.

He advised that there is an abundance of salvageable materials within the current home and that he would like the new home to reflect some of the details of the current home, for example the roof line.  Mr. Pattison hopes to have preliminary designs available for the Commission to view next month.  It is his intention to meet with surrounding neighbours as time progresses.

It was noted that the current home is on the Heritage Inventory.  It sits on two lots but the owners intend to consolidate the two lots.

The delegates left at 5:18 p.m.

Although the owners have not yet formally applied for a demolition permit, members would like staff to contact Mr. Pattison to informally request a tour of the current home.

4.  Application to Municipally Designate 335 Pine Street, Roger Nottingham.

 Roger Nottingham advised the Commission that he purchased the house at 335 pine street ten years ago.  Since that time, he has been restoring the exterior of 335 Pine Street and revitalization of the interior is nearing completion.  Mr. Nottingham noted that he removed vinyl siding on the house, restored the exterior wooden cladding and replaced missing exterior trim details.  The porch was closed in when he purchased the property.  The doors and windows are original.

The delegate left at 5:23 p.m.


THAT a Sub-committee be formed to evaluate the heritage merit of 335 Pine Street.

5.  318 Fifth Street, Exterior Alterations.

Johnson Davidson Architects and the owners, Rutkowski, were present.  A stop work order had been issued on the property as the owner had not yet secured a building permit for the construction.

When the home was purchased, it was a rooming house containing eight rooms.  It is on a corner lot and faces Fifth Street. 

The owners plan to open the enclosed porch which is currently two stories and make it one story.  The detached garage will also need to be replaced as it is currently sinking.  The owners propose a three car garage with a similar horizontal wood siding as the proposed exterior of the house.  A separate parking space will be provided on site for the secondary suite.  The proposed secondary suite will be on the upper floor and will have a separate entrance off Blackford Street. 

An application for the permits for the garage and the interior renovation have been received by the City.  The existing roof height would remain the same and the floor space is actually being reduced by opening the enclosed porch. 

The delegates left at 5:39 p.m.


THAT the Community Heritage Commission supports the proposed alterations to 318 Fifth Street.


1.      318 Fifth Street, exterior alterations under Delegations #5.

2.      Demolitions of Heritage Homes pre-1950 under New Business #5.


THAT the Agenda for the meeting of the Community Heritage Commission for March 7, 2001 be accepted.



THAT the minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Community Heritage Commission held February 7, 2001 be adopted.


1.  Debriefing on Heritage Week (February 21-28), verbal update by staff.

Staff distributed a copy of the article from The Record, Wednesday, March 7, 2001 edition regarding the Heritage Week awards ceremony.  Comments from the Commission regarding the event were positive.

Staff advised the Commission if they have any suggestions or comments for next year they should be forwarded to the Committee Secretary.

4.      Sub-committee report on the application from owner Jim Wolf to designate 217 Ninth Street as a municipal heritage property.

Sub-committee members commented on the quality of work which has been completed and the historical/cultural value of the home.  It is one of the few pre-1890s home left (built in 1888).  The request to designate was fully supported.


THAT the heritage designation of 217 Ninth Street be recommended to Council. 

5.      Sub-committee report on the application from Eric Pattison, Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society, to designate 530 Columbia Street as a municipal heritage property.

The former Columbia Theatre, one of the few remaining atmospheric theatres in Canada, was built in 1927 by the architectural firm of Townley and Matheson.  It has recently been discovered that the interior wall murals are intact under six layers of paint.  A feasibility study done in 1997 notes the exterior significance of the theatre.  It was noted that the owner, the City of New Westminster, is required to formally apply in order to designate.


THAT the Commission recommends to Council that the City come forward to designate the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre as a municipal heritage property. 

Ted Syverson abstained from voting on this matter as he is on the Board of Directors for the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society.

4.  Woodlands School Site – Proposed Tour March 19 or 20, 2001.

Several Commission members noted that the proposed dates for the tour were during Spring Break and they would not be available to participate in the tour.  Staff will provide new dates for the tour.

5.       Royal Westminster Armoury

a)     Detailed legal opinion

b)     Interim response letters

c)     Summary of BCBC’s heritage policy document (on table)


THAT staff forward a copy of the letter addressed to the Honourable Sheila Copps to the Department of National Defense.

6.      Status update on the Nidarose Church, verbal report from staff.

The Mayor and several Councillors toured the Nidarose Church on Monday, February 26, 2001 to view the heritage merit of the church.  Planning Department staff have met with representatives of the Catholic Church to discuss options for the site.  The Church agreed to follow up discussions with other community organizations that had expressed an interest in retaining the church in a redevelopment.  Staff is awaiting a response from the Church as to their findings.

7.      Overview of heritage designation ceremonies for 435 Third Street and 827 Sixteenth Street on February 25, 2001, verbal report by staff.

Staff reported that these designations marked the City’s 23rd and 24th municipal heritage designations.  The home on 827 Sixteenth Street is the first designation in the West End.  The ceremonies were well attended and received.

8.      Annual B.C. Heritage Society heritage awards – call for nominations.

Staff noted the deadline, which is the end of March, for the nominations.  Ron Clancy advised that the New Westminster Public Library will be submitting a nomination in the Advocacy category for the development of the Library’s Heritage website and  anniversary celebrations. 


1.      Heritage Society of B.C. Annual Conference in Surrey, May 31 – June 2, 2001.

Commission members were notified of the above conference and that staff would be in attendance. Members interested in attending should contact staff as soon as possible to make registration arrangements.  

2.  City of Vancouver Development Cost Levies for heritage properties.

Information on the City of Vancouver’s levies for heritage properties was provided to Commission members for their information.  It was noted that the City of Vancouver and the City of New Westminster are governed by different authorities and, for that reason, New Westminster does not have the legal authority to under the Local Government Act to impose levies for heritage conservation purposes.

3.   SFU Harbour Centre Workshop on Heritage Conservation, Friday, February 23, 2001 (notes from Katrine Ireland on table).

Information regarding Vancouver’s Heritage and Antiques Fair were circulated to Commission members.  Katrine highlighted a few points of the one day course.  A one page summary and relevant materials will be forwarded to be included in next month’s agenda.

4.  Design of New Garages:         120 Second Street and 236 Sixth Avenue.

Discussion of this item is to be carried over to next month’s agenda.

5.       Demolitions of Heritage Homes pre-1950.

Discussion of this item is to be carried over to next month’s agenda.


1.                  New  Westminster Historical Society Newsletter, February 2001.

2.                  New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society Newsletter “The Preservationist”, Winter 2000.

3.                  British Columbia Heritage Awards Notice, February 19, 2001.

4.                  Surrey’s Cultural Heritage, video #4.

5.                  The Record, February 14, 2001, article on the moving of Burnaby’s Flodin House.

6.                  The Vancouver Courier, February 7, 2001 and 21, two articles on the proposed demolition of Shaugnessy heritage house.

7.                  “Surrey’s Community heritage”, Winter 2001.

8.                  Annual Spring Tea, Marpole Museum and Historical Society, March 17, 2001.

9.                  Heritage Society of B.C. Newsletter, Winter 2000.

10.             The Vancouver Courier, February 21, 2001, demolition of the Shaw House in Fairview Slopes.


THAT the correspondence be received.


Wednesday, April 4, 2001 at 4:30 p.m. in Committee Room 2.


            ON MOTION, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

                                                                                                    Certified Correct,




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